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Unread 20 Apr 15, 01:08 PM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 8, Hollywood Studios, Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic

Up at 6:30 and got stuck into the previous days TR. Kieran got up at the same time, had his cereal and was in the pool by 7. Kevin got up about 7:30 and we agreed that since Hannah really needs to catch up on some sleep we would let her lie longer and start out later this morning. So we whatsappd the Eastons to send them a screenshot of todays fastpasses and explained we would catch them up at the second one at TSM. They messaged back to say Evan was also still sleeping but they would make it to HS in time for their first FP.

Hannah got up around 9:30 and we got ready with no rushing around. The Eastons had packed the wheely coolbag for today so no need to do that either. We left the villa just before 10:30 and parked up in Film Goofy at 10:50. Caught the tram to the entrance and were on Hollywood Boulevard by 11:10.

We made our way towards TSM and had a wander around the entrance part of One Mans Dream as it was gloriously cool. It was another really hot one today. At 11:35 we headed for loo breaks and to wait for the Eastons. No sign of them and no answer on whatsapp so we decided to go ahead and ride TSM. LOVED this! Hannah and I were in one and Kevin and Kieran behind us. Hannah and I were giggling like mad trying to point out the higher scoring targets to each other. It drove me nuts that we couldn't see Kevin and Kierans scores behind us, but it turned out I hadnt scored too badly against Kevin, 100,100 to his 117,000. That will do me.

Getting off we had a message from Andrew saying they were in muppets then heading to TSM so we did it the other way round and headed to Muppets, agreeing to catch up at the ToT FP.

Really enjoyed the muppets, especially Kieran who loves these 3D shows. Slapstick humour is also his thing so it was right up his street and he was giggling his wee head off and trying to reach out to everything. Hannah hates the muppets (always has, she thinks they are creepy) so was reluctant to do this one but did enjoy the effects so it was fine.

Got off there and walked right over to the other side of the park for the ToT FP. It was important to get straight on this at 12:50 as we the needed to get all the way back to the other side of the park again for the Lights Motors Action Stunt show at 1:30. Arrived at ToT where the stand by line was 60m and the other 3 all got on. I stuck to my word and did not go on again! While I was waiting the Eastons arrived, by Emma then needed the loo and by the time they got back from that time was tight to get on and off ToT again to make it to the stunt show. All of the kids were struggling in the heat today, especially Matthew and Dianne didn't want to be running him back across the park. So they decided to leave ToT and make their way to the stunt show and we would catch them up. I took a few rolls and drinks from the coolbag for my before they left. Mine came off whooping and laughing. Kieran still thinks this is his favourite ride. Hannah and her dad said they had pulled a pose for the ride photo now they are old hands at it. I had told Kevin and Andrew how other people do poses and I could never do that, so for today they have decided they will try. Watch out for everyones daft poses on the ride photos!

Walked back over to the other side of the park, while the kids refuelled on the rolls and water, and met up with the Eastons to go into the stunt show. Again, we all loved this, especially the 2 younger boys who cheered and clapped and laughed all through it. Brilliant!

Back off and wandered up Streets Of America, stoping to see the Cinderella carriage from the new film which was sitting outside the theatre that is showing previews. The Eastons queued for a pretzel and all the kids danced around in the fire hydrant getting completely soaked to cool them down. I had gone off to the FP kiosk at the muppets to see if I could exchange the unused FPs for RnR but was told as it was a 90m at present no more FP would be issued for hours.

We had some more coolbag snacks and drinks before deciding to go to the Frozen singalong show. By the time we got there (5m to start time) it was standing room only at the side of the seating area but it was fine. We still had a good view. This was one of those lump in the throat moments for me. Kieran adores Frozen and knows every word. Well there he was in his very boyish black and white star wars outfit, but belting his wee heart out and doing all the Elsa armography! Gulp! Emma initially claimed she had grown out of Frozen, but also proceeded to sing the lot! This show was brilliant and a must see for any frozen fan. You can't help but carried along with it. No Olaf in the show though which we didn't really notice until afterwards.

Came out and had a photo taken with Lightning and Mater.

It was now 3:30 and the McNicols had FP for Star Tours having changed the time of the one we missed this morning, and The Eastons went off to catch the 4pm Indiana Jones show, agreeing to meet again and the entrance to Hollywood & Vine at 4:35 for our ADR.

Dinner at H&V was a noisy but tasty affair. It is a buffet so does have that school hall feel but is nicely decorated and the food was all delicious. Lots of cleared plates and I don't think I heard anyone complain about anything they had put on their plate. We had booked this as the Fantasmic package so as we were seated we were handed the tickets that would get us into that later. These are different from a FP. FP just lets you in quicker to sit in the same seats as everyone else. These let you sit in a reserved area at the centre of the show.

Full tummies all round, it was 5:45pm so we now had 2hrs until we entered Fantasmic and the kids were desperate to go on RnR and ToT so we headed to that end to check queuing times. RnR was 40m so we queued but I timed that it took us 30m. Evan and Matthew both decided at the top of the queue they didn't want to ride so Andrew went off through rider switch to wait for Dianne to get back with Emma. Emma did great and loved it! Andrew took Kevin back on with him at rider switch. Having seen Emma loving it Evan then decided he wanted to ride after all but nobody else was ready to queue again so we decided to go and see what the wait time for ToT was.

We arrived and said 40m so we all kind of looked at each other, then just at that the numbers started rolling round like a fruit machine and were are all watching like its wheel of fortune or something to see where it stopped! 20m yay! So everyone headed in apart from me, Evan and Emma who waited at the exit.

While waiting the skies were really darkening and a few big drops of rain appeared. It was also really windy although it felt weird because the wind was warm! I started to worry that fantasmic would cancel after us having paid for the dinner package.

Everyone came off (poor Matthew did not enjoy this as you can see from the ride photo) and Evan was desperate to get back round to RnR having decided to ride it, so we all traipsed back round and entered the 30m queue. We knew Matthew probably wouldn't ride but was coming with us through the queue so Dianne could rider switch. While in the queue an American lady took a shine to him, smiling at him and guiding him through when he went too far to the side of us. When we got to the top, off Dianne and Matthew went through rider switch and the rest of us got on. As were seated, this woman then got to the barrier to go on next and she was looking over our group smiling then suddenly looked really worried and was chattering away to her husband and pointing at us in a panic. She had clearly noticed Matthew was not with us, but had not clocked that neither was Dianne. This poor woman clearly thought we had abandoned Matthew somewhere!

Ride over Evan declared he loved it and and wanted to go back on, but the Q was 30m and we needed to get loo breaks and pick up some snacks for the show so that would have to wait for another day.

Loo breaks done, we picked up some hot chocolates and donuts from the stand outside ToT and headed up to the seating. Loved the seats in the preferred area and our 2 Go-Pro geeks excitedly got their new toys out and started setting them to whatever gets the fireworks to show!

Fantasmic was Fantasmic right enough. Big smiles all round. This was our first real encounter with Mickey and it didn't disappoint!

Picked up the coolbag from stroller parking and made our way out. Although it was busy it was lovely walking through the park all lit up and still warm. Hopped on a tram and were back at the car in no time.

Back down the I4 home and sorted the kids for bed. I seemed to be most tired tonight for some reason and yet again the Trip Report would have to wait until morning (sorry!)

Tomorrow, Epcot, Teppan Edo and Illuminations

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 20 Apr 15, 01:28 PM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 20 Apr 15 1:28 PM.
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Unread 20 Apr 15, 01:30 PM  
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Wonderful day

Loving the ride photos! x
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So much for not going this year!
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Unread 20 Apr 15, 01:50 PM  
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Mortimer Mouse
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A great day. I love doing poses on the rides. It makes you easier to spot on the photos.
Glad you enjoyed the Frozen singalong too. Don't forget to try a drawing class at HS, if you plan to return.
Thanks for posting.

Edited at 01:53 PM.
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Relaxing @ Westridge & RPR
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Unread 20 Apr 15, 01:57 PM  
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A " Fantasmic" day

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Unread 20 Apr 15, 02:00 PM  
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Big Belle
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We were there yesterday too. Same FP+ as you but different running order!we think DH had a little too much of the heat yesterday so Florida Mall for us today.

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They said Aunty can come!
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Unread 20 Apr 15, 02:07 PM  
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Getting Excited
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Really enjoying your review, thanks for posting.
2001 Orlando and St Petes. 2002 Orlando. 2004 LA and Vegas. 2005 Vegas wedding and NYC honeymoon. 2007 Washington and RCI cruise. 2008 Vegas. 2009 Disney Anaheim. 2011 Miami and carnival cuise and Vegas. 2013 Miami and Carnival Cruise. 2015 Orlando and Cruise.
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Unread 20 Apr 15, 02:15 PM  
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Another fabulous day

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Back to our second home!
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Kissimmee Swamp Tours

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