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Unread 28 Apr 15, 02:53 PM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 16. Florida Mall, Cypress Grove, Kitchen Sink at Beaches &

Phew! We packed a fair bit in today.

After being in bed at 10pm I slept until 7am, the longest since we got here. In fact the longest sleep I've had in about 3 years I think! Got up, did the previous days Trip Report and started to get ready.

There were only 2 things already planned in for today. The first was a visit to Cypress Grove between 3-5pm. Those of who have read all the way back to the first page of this TR will know that that last time I was in Florida was in 2002, way before any of us had kids. And this was when Dianne and Andrew got married at CG. I had emailed the estate house a couple of months back to ask if there would be any problem with us stopping by to take some photos etc and got a lovely replying detailing which days there were no weddings on that the place would be accessible for us. So the plan was a wee trip down memory lane and to take a few photos of all 5 Eastons in the same spots as their wedding pics. A couple of weeks ago whilst at Diannes house, I had got her wedding album and took some photos on my iphone of the photos in the album so when we got there I could remind myself what I was aiming for.

The second thing planned for tonight was an ADR at Beaches and Cream to tackle the kitchen sink. This was quite a late time but it had been the only thing I could get at the time for 9 people. The Eastons had then decided a yesterday that they didn't want to do this, so after a lot of messing about on MDE and realising I could only cancel it on there, I phoned the US number from the villa and changed it to 4 people. Never thinking to ask for an earlier time. Having got up today, I posted on the Dibb to ask about getting from B&C to Epcot for illuminations, and the resounding opinion was we would never make it with an 8:20 ADR so to try to get it earlier. So I tried to call to amend it but the phone kept saying all circuits were busy, whatever that means. Decided to wait until we got there and just see what happened.

Next to plan the rest of the day. Since Cypress Grove is 20mins north of The Florida Mall, and the weather report was for rain all day, it seemed like a good day to do the Mall. Kieran was not chuffed at this at all as he hates shopping, so we bribed him by saying he could choose the water park tomorrow. We left the villa at 11 and headed up the I4.

The sat nav took us in the parking lot outside the Florida Hotel which was really convenient, so of course the first shop we saw was ... M&M World!. Cue 20 minutes in there. Kieran and Hannah loved going along the tubes filling their bags with all different kinds and bought a 1lb bag each for $11.99. Kevin then had Kieran add a 'bonus 1lb bag' which are pre made up, presumably of colours they want to get rid off. You can add a 1lb bag of these for an additional 3 so he has a bag of all lilac peanut ones. Funnily enough, the peanut ones are Kevins favourite. Hmmmm.

We then decided to split up as Hannah and I wanted to look for a possible prom dress for Hannahs dance for moving to high school and shopping dibbers had recommended the big department stores in here for that. And Kevin wanted to look for some clothes for Kieran as he had not really got anything yet. So the girls went one way and the boys went another. Macys first. They had a great sale on with an additional 25% off sale prices. Didn't find any prom dresses but did buy Hannah a cute wee dress that said $24.99 but at the till turned into $14.99 – result!

We worked along the shops until we hit Charlotte Russe. Again. Those of you reading the reports daily will remember this is the shop I couldn't get Hannah out of in the Premium Outlets at Vineland. Today was to be no different. After a fair amount of time, and me being cross eyed at just how many different playsuits one store can stock, she bought 4 playsuits spending around $80. They have a Buy One get one for $12.50, which effectively makes the second one half price or less given they are $26-$29 each. Hannah could spend all day in here. If any of have daughters aged 11-16 this is the store for you.

Time was ticking so it was into Dillards next to check for prom dresses. Nothing doing. Quick stop into Bath and Bodyworks that everyone talks about. I am a bit of a an old fogey about stuff like this and tend to stick to things I know, so only bought some of the handbag sanitisers, purely as people rave about them. These were 5 for $5 and I bought 5, but having started using one yesterday I confess I will buy more if we go back, and it would also make me look at some other things more. I need to check the Dibb and see whats thought to be popular for some guidance. Hannah spent $30 in here on all kinds of nice smelly stuff. She loved it.

By now it was 1:50 and we had agreed we would eat before meeting the boys at 2:15 so we headed into the food court for a quick Tuna sub. By this time we had no prom dress, and I hadnt seen Sephora, which was the other shop I had read about on the dibb and really wanted to visit. But Hannah was delighted with her shopping! We got to the meeting point where we were to meet the boys to find Sephora was right there. Since I had 15mins before we needed to leave to meet the Eastons I browsed away and bought myself this little lot. Kevin had said Gap had loads of bargains for Kieran but that Kieran had been grumpy and refused to try stuff on for him so he had bought nothing.

Left the Florida mall and arrived at CG to find the Eastons had arrived and were having a look around. The place looked the same except all the bushes had grown so big and some areas that were just grass then had all been paved over. When Dianne had walked down from the house to the pavilion with her dad it had just been across the grass. This was all paved now. We took all the photos we wanted but they are all on Kevins SLR so I don't have them to upload onto the ipad here right now. I do have one I took on my phone so can show you that one. If Kevin loads them later when he gets up I might pop back and add them. It was really hot now and no sign of the predicted rain that had made us choose the mall in the first place. Typical.

We left there at 3:45 and headed back down to the Florida Mall as the Eastons had decided they would like to do some shopping there too before heading home, and I wanted to try the remaining department stores. Had a chat with Kieran about Gap, saying I would come and I needed him to try some things on for me, so that was the first stop. They had lots of things in the sale, then with 50% off the sale price so we tried lots on and settled at a few t-shirts and a couple of polo shirts. I left Kevin to pay and set off with Hannah on the prom dress hunt again.

When we had talked about Hannahs possible prom dress she described what she wanted as candy pink, knee length, with a big sticky out skirt and lots of bling on the top. I was starting to think this was going to be one of those times where having such a set idea in her head was going to make it impossible to find something. Our first stop this time was JC Penney. Well imagine my surprise when we walked in and the first things I saw was a huge Junior Prom section. Hannah practically dived into it like Tom Daley into a pool. I almost joined her when I noticed the sale signs showing 40% off all prom dresses! 5 minutes later, arms loaded with dresses we hit the changing room. Nearly everything she put on she loved, but there was one dress that could not have fitted her original description any more than it actually did. A pink confection of net and diamante. Is it a bit OTT? Yes. Does she love it? Yes. So that had to be bought. It was $150 down to $89.99 then the girl took another 10% off as it had a little line of stoning loose at the neck that I will have to fix and it was the only one left in her size so it was $80.99. When she had been trying them on I had loved her in another darker pink one too. It was $100 down to $60 so we bought that too and I'm hoping Hannahs granny might give it the seal of approval to wear to my cousins wedding. What do you think mum? (My mum reads this every day). I had one very happy daughter now. We just need some flat / low heeled silver sparkly shoes and we are all set.

It was time to work our way back to meet the boys. When I got there Kevin was all chuffed with himself. When he had got to the checkout the girl had said that came to just over $40, but they had another offer where if you spend $75 you got $25 off making it $50. So now that Kevin knew what size t-shirts and polos to get, and didn't need Kieran to try on, off he went searching the tables at the back. He got some cracking Star Wars themed ones. In the end he got 11 tops for Kieran for $56.34. The receipt shows each item starting with the sale prices but some of these started at $24.99 and $29.99 so some great bargains.

We left the mall and headed for The Boardwalk. We parked at the self parking across the road, and walked over through the stairs down through Boardwalk hotel. We made our way around to Beaches and Cream stopping along the way to admire the area. This place is stunning. I would love to stay here. We arrived at B&C at 7:15 and I went to ask the desk if they was any chance of being seated early. At first she said probably not, then said she could seat us in a row along the counter at around 7:45 but I said that would not work for us as we hoped to share the kitchen sink. She smiled, looked again then said come back and see me in 20 minutes and I will see what I can do. So we went and found a seat by the pool to people watch for a bit. We went back at 7:35 and sure enough she led us straight to a booth. This place is so cute! We ordered a couple of portions of fries to start, then the kitchen sink. Our server was lovely. So funny and friendly. She told us what was in the sink, substituted the coffee ice cream for birthday cake ice cream, and really looked after us.

When the sink arrives they dim the lights, have an amber flashing warning light go off and parade it through the restaurant announcing to the whole place that this family is about to attempt it. Then everyone claps and hollers. Hilarious. Well this monstrosity of a desert arrived. I hadn't realised how much other stuff would be in at as well as the ice cream. Fudge cake, muffins, oreos, snickers, mars bars, bananas, strawberries, cherries. The list goes on. I had been laughing to the kids about how I can eat a tub of haagen dazs in 20 minutes so this should not be a problem for us. Wrong! Oh man. It was HUGE. We bravely got started scooping portions into our smaller bowls. I managed 3 bowls, all ice cream as I don't eat bread /cake. Hannah and Kieran did 4 bowls each and Kevin ate 7. SEVEN bowls! Kevin never eats desert but he was determined to finish this, and finish we did!

Paid the cheque and left a tip of $15 since the server being so good had definitely made our experience more fun.

We left at 8:40 and walked round into Epcot arriving between UK and France. We found a spot down the side of the Rose and Crown just beside the roped off area for FP or diners and settled with just a few minutes to wait. Kieran was getting really tired and a bit grumpy but soon brightened up when the show started. It was fabulous. The kids were transfixed!

Afterwards we got chatting to the family in front of us from Birmingham. The were staying in a Thomsons hotel at Lake Buena Vista with a bus service, but were saying that although the hotel was nice they hated the bus service. They have to get a bus home from the park at either 6:30 or 10:30 and had ended up paying $17 for taxis all time as these times rarely suited their plans. We compared notes on what we had done, had a nice chat and parted ways.

We walked back through to The Boardwalk and it was just gorgeous, al lit up, lovely warm night. We strolled along and I bought a Pina Colada that was strong it nearly blew my head off. Hannah had been dying to try a corn dog as Evan had told her how nice they were so we bought them both a corn dog from one of the stands. Just in front of this, there was a big projector set up on the grass outside the Boardwalk hotel so we settled dow here and watched Big Hero 6 while finishing our snacks and drinks. The corn dog is like a hotdog, wrapped in a sweet pancake and deep fried. Minging in my opinion. Hannah ate hers but was not that enamoured with it, eating the outer part separate from the hot dog saying it was too weird eating them together. Kieran ditched his after 2 bites. Don't think we will be buying them again.

We walked back to the car and set off home. Kieran snored all the way home in the car (as usual) but demanded a bubble bath before bed.

So glad we got to do so many things on my wish list today.

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 28 Apr 15, 03:10 PM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 28 Apr 15 3:10 PM.
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Unread 28 Apr 15, 03:44 PM  
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Rob & Jan
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Shopping, Disney & ice cream, what a perfect day. Really enjoying your 'live' report, we've recently returned home so it's lovely to see all the places we visited a week ago.
Aylesbury Villa

2 Master ensuite bedrooms
2 twin bedrooms
Large pool (30ft x 15ft) with mosaic dolphins!
Extended deck and Lanai
WiFi, Games Room, Xbox 360 with games
Monitored Alarm & safe
Florida Licence no DWE6312349 -This is a collective licence under our MC's name.

see our website
email dawson.jan@gmail.com

Jan & Rob
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Unread 28 Apr 15, 03:50 PM  
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JoJo88's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Another fantastic day, and some great bargains at the Mall. I'm like you, I see the shops recommended on the Dibb but never really know what to get, like B&BW for example, and I'd read about the mini hand gels too, might have to stock up!

What a lovely friend you are, great idea with the photos at CG

Fair play to you with the Kitchen Sink! I'm not a fan of ice cream so I'd be alright sharing one with you, could have all the cake

Illuminations always makes me cry - but then we usually end up seeing it towards the end of the holiday

Great report as always
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All over for another year...
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Unread 28 Apr 15, 03:58 PM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
Hotel Reviews: 1
Fantastic day and some great bargains at The Florida Mall
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Endless Summer and RPR
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Unread 28 Apr 15, 04:07 PM  
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mick's Reviews
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A really good day your daughters dresses are lovely

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Unread 28 Apr 15, 04:14 PM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
Hotel Reviews: 2
What a fantastic day, so glad you got to go for the kitchen sink. . . . And well done on achieving an empty sink, it takes some doing, like I said the other day we just left a bit of ice cream soup in the bottom but you all managed better than us , I failed to tell Paul about the sirens and announcement as the ice cream is delivered he was a tad embarrassed to say the least, I'd warned the girls as my youngest has autism but because she knew something daddy didn't it took her mind off it and she laughed her socks off lol.
How nice to revisit the place your friends got married.
Excellent shopping haul again. . . Your really good at shopping lol, but I love reading about people's Florida buys.
Looking forward to reading more soon. Enjoy the rest of your holiday xx
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Need something to look forward
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Unread 28 Apr 15, 05:25 PM  
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Another fantastic day! Love the pic of you with all the prom dresses and Hannah looks gorgeous in her dresses.

I've been to Florida loads but wow I' m learning so much from your report. I have to confess to never buying anything as yet in bath & body works but always have a nose, may actually make a purchase this year! I do confess to loving Sephora and was gutted when they closed the UK branches.

Reading your report is making me really look forward to my trip this summer. Thank you so much for sharing.
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