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Old 1 May 15, 03:24 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 18, Chef Mickeys, MK, Wishes Cruise

Today was to be another BIG day. Emma's 7th birthday, and everything today would predominantly be for her, so it had to be Magic Kingdom.

The first thing on the agenda was Chef Mickey Breakfast at 10:50. We had intentionally booked this late as we knew it would be a very long day. So we were all up, ready, birthday cards and balloons given, Emma resplendent in her new Anna dress that Dianne had bought her, and away from the villa in the 2 cars by 9:45.

We arrived to park at the Contemporary and showed the slip saying we had a breakfast ADR so she showed us in without £ and told us where to park. Parked up and walked over to the Contemporary Hotel. Inside and up 2 escalators to find Chef Mickey, arriving at 10:40. Booked in and were given a pager to wait. While waiting we had a group photo taken.

While waiting for our table Dianne took Emma off to guest services and collected her birthday badge. The pager went off at 11:00 and we were shown to our table.

The food was all tasty and there was certainly plenty of choice. The kids were not impressed with the Mickey waffles though, branding them as tasteless, but made up for this at the pastry section. Being pretty expensive, the 2 dads of course felt they had to eat their own body weight in food. I am surprised we did not have to hire them both strollers to roll them around the park afterwards. The bill is here somewhere at $360 for the 9 of us, the 2 older children being charges as adults for being 10+. You are paying for the character interaction though, so if that is really important to your kids then it may be for you. If not, I would save the money for something else.

$360 dollars for all 9 of us

Emmas birthday card from Chef Mickey

all signed inside

As for characters we had Goofy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. The one thing I was a bit disappointed with was there was no photographer with the characters. I had assumed there would be, and we would be able to add those to our MM, because the MM says it includes photos from character dining. But as it was we were just snapping with our phones etc, and only the group photo from entering is in our MM.

Emma was over the moon meeting the characters, particularly Minnie Mouse so that made it worthwhile. There was lots of napkin twirling and Emma had been given yellow instead of everyone elses blue, presumably so the characters knew it was her birthday. They brought her a little fairy cake and Donald kept pretending to blow her candle out.

We finished up at 12:20, stopped for loo breaks then the dads collected our trusty coolbag and bags from the car in the car park. When we were planning this day there was lots of confusion about where to park, how to move around etc as none of really knew what we were doing. But after the breakfast Andrew asked the concierge, explaining we were in the contemporary car park, going to Magic Kingdom, then coming back to the Contemporary for our cruise tonight. He advised us to leave the cars there, use the monorail to MK and back tonight to collect our cars, so we did.

We arrived into MK at 12:50, and Dianne went off to City Hall to collect a disability pass for Matthew. I had written about a woman telling us about this when we were at Busch. Matthew is not all that different to other kids so we felt we don't really need it for everything. But Dianne had used it when they came to MK on the day we went to Epcot and felt that using it just once or twice did make up for all the time spent on additional loo / rest breaks Matthew sometimes needs. We used it twice the whole day. Once to get on Buzz when it was a 45m wait, and once to meet Anna & Elsa, when Matthew could never have waited 90m. The rest of the time we used our fastpasses as normal and queued as normal so didn't feel guilty for using it as we only used it sensibly.

So anyway, We arrived at 12:50, gor the pass, had a stroll up and a few photos going up Main Street (although normally smiley Kieran looks so grumpy as he was already suffering with the heat!) then headed to Tomorrowland to use our FP for Space Mountain which was 12:50-13:50. We went on at 1:30 and the wait time was 45m. We came off here, more loo breaks and went to go on Buzz lightyear which was 45m wait so Dianne got a comeback time using the disability pass to come back after 2:40. We used our FP Monsters Inc laughfloor which was for 13:55-14:55 and we all enjoyed this. Like the audience interaction thing. The light went on Kevin at the start and he was told to dance so he gave it laldy to Gangnam style!

We moved onto Buzz at 2:50. Everyone likes Buzz. Came off this and power walked back to main street for the 3pm Festival of Fantasy parade. We all loved the parade and it was great seeing Kieran and Matthews excited faces and them waving at everyone. Our next FP was for Seven Dwarves Mine Train 3:10-4:10. Dianne went to get a comeback time for Anna and Elsa as that was a 90m wait. We all went on SDMT and all managed to get on one carriage so the video on MM this morning is brilliant. I wish I could post it here but don't know how.

Our comeback time for A&E was after 5:05 so we walked back to do Stitchs great escape for which we queued 20mins. Evan decided at the top of the queue not to do this so Andrew stayed off with him. The rest of us thought it was rubbish to be honest! I thought it was still like Alien and remembered being terrified on it 20 years ago so was telling Kieran it might be scary. When it finished he said in a loud voice 'Is that IT Mum? That was soooo boring!'. So there you go. We came off for more loo breaks and got some ice cream and smoothies and I went to see if I could get us a 4th FP at the kiosks for Splash Mountain for which the earliest available was 7-8pm.

We then had a wee turn on the people mover. I know folk have laughed at this so thought it would be rubbish but we all enjoyed it. It was a nice relaxed ride and I had not realised it took us inside the other rides. I was dead impressed! As we pulled back into the stop we could see a crowd with music and dancing down below which turned out to be the Incredibles Dance Party with Mr & Mrs Incredible and Frozone. Well, the boys legs couldn't get them down that travelator thing fast enough! We had a right laugh dancing about here and taking photos. I have a couple of nice wee videos of the boys dancing with the characters but again don't know how to put them in here?

Hannah & Evan went off for a shot on speedway with us arranging to meet them at that exit. We got them at the exit coming off at 5:40 so headed for Anna & Elsa, waiting about 15m once we were in. They were so lovely with the kids. When Kieran gave Anna a hug he just about lifted her off her feet he hugged her so hard (gulp – lump in throat time). When we came out Emma wanted to see Merida so Dianne and I agreed to queue with her while the dads took the others to the teacups for a go. We queued about 30m in total for Merida. When we were waiting and she was talking to the people she was meeting it was clear she was very american, where we had assumed she would be Scottish (or attempting to be). Once Emma met her and spoke with her she suddenly switched into this broad Scots accent – funny!

It was time to head round to Frontierland so we would have plenty of time for our 7pm FP. The kids had a go at the sword in the stone on the way round but it was stuck fast! We were passing Pecos Bills at 7pm so decided to get something to tide everyone over until our cruise. We bought the kids a deluxe chicken sandwich and 2 portions of fries, Kevin pinched some of their fries and added them to a sandwich from the coolbag and I had a tuna wrap from the coolbag.

Tummies full we headed to Splash Mountain to use our FP. We decided since it was potentially our last group ride, we would a make a real effort to all salute with straight faces for the ride photo. Check us out! I love this. How I kept my face straight on that drop I do not know. I confess as soon as that light had flashed I screamed like a 13 year old! We came off at 7:55 and had wanted to do Big Thunder Mountain next but it was closed for refurb.

So we wandered back through the park towards Tomorrowland where we planned a last go on space mountain but the wait time was 45m and we were worried it would be too tight so we skipped it and headed for buzz with its 15m wait. I sat this one out, found a bench and just enjoyed a bit of people watching. It was lovely with heat dying to a comfortable warmth and everything starting to light up. Just lovely.

They all came off Buzz, and after some loo breaks we headed out of the park for the monorail back to The Contemporary. Got there at 8:50. Found out where the boat dock was and Dianne and I picked up a wee glass of wine. Headed out to the boat dock at 9, signed in at the boat dock booth and paid the bill. I had read in some TRs you needed to pay this in cash so were prepared with cash but they did have a card reader and said it was in full working order if we wanted to pay that way. They also confirmed the cake I had ordered was on the boat and that the boat was decorated for Emmas birthday.

The under 12s had to wearlife vests to they were all given these. David, our driver, came out and off we went. We left at 9:15 although were booked for 9:30. We set off around the lagoon. Evan, who can sometimes be very nervous about things he hasn't done before) was very unsure and at first wanted to get back off. Dianne just snuggled him in until we were out on the water and he managed to settle down for the rest of the trip, even if he was a bit quiet.

The other kids were loving it. Tucking into the snacks provided (pic provided) and the coolbox full of drinks (coke, diet coke, sprite and water - about 8 of each one). The driver was lovely and pointed out each of the hotels, what they were, when they were built. What wildlife was making the noises, what to look for. At times it got a bit breezy but there are big fluffy towels on the seats to use as wraps if needed (I was really only me who used them. I am always freezing) We stopped to see the electrical light pageant passing by (fab!) then we swung right round the lagoon to take our spot for the big moment. Just before it started, we uncovered Emmas birthday cake, showed her it and all sang Happy Birthday. Her wee face was a picture!

Then Wishes started. Oh. My. God. It was amaaazing! The music and narration was playing in the boat, you could clearly see Tinkerbell fly down from the castle. It was just a brilliant way to watch it. I even had a wee greet at the finale! It was worth every single penny. We all loved it. I had been a bit nervous about what we would actually see, but it was a clear perfect view of the castle and everything going on around it.

After Wishes was over, we cut up and gave out the cake (not forgetting David the driver) and he swung the boat round and parked up so we could watch the Electrical Pageant coming home again. Then we headed back to The Contemporary and parked up. Poor Evan was off the boat like a whippet! David told us to take all the snacks as 'you have already paid for 'em'. We put them in our now almost empty coolbag and climbed off. I tipped David $40 as we felt he had been great.

We headed back through the hotel to the car park. Emma carrying her bunch of balloons that David had cut down from the boat for her, and Dianne carrying the rest of her birthday cake.

It was 11pm as we headed back down the I4 to the villas with some very tired, but very very happy kids.

As I put Kieran to bed he said 'That was magic Mum' and Hannah said 'It was brilliant tonight wasn't it?' Job Done eh?

info about booking cruise

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Old 1 May 15, 04:18 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 1 May 15 4:18 AM.
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Old 1 May 15, 05:29 AM  
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What an amazing day! You have some great pics.
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After Hours Trip
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Old 1 May 15, 06:27 AM  
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Excited about Disney
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What a great birthday and you have some lovely photos
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West Coast Baby!
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Fab day and Birthday for the little one, MK is so special and looks like you all loved it
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Back to the Magic!
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
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What a fantastic and full day. . . You really went the full mile to give little Emma a magical birthday. . . . No doubt a memory she will never forget bless her x
The cruise looks fantastic it's something I wish we had done but we never did, but wishes itself sent a shiver down my spine even when my OH shattered the illusion that tinker bell had to be a bloke in drag at that height :angry:
We used the DAS card for Lilly, she has high functioning autism and struggles to cope in social situations at Disney mainly the queuing but I thought the systems in general worked at Disney that well with fastpasses anyway I think we used it three times in total, once to meet rapunzel at fairytale hall, once on tomorrowland speedway and the last one was big thunder mountain, I think if we hadn't had fastpasses though it would've been used more but luckily we didn't need to.
Really enjoyed reading this this morning with my first cuppa of the day, it's been my ritual mist mornings for a good couple of weeks now and I'm gonna miss your trip reports . . . Enjoy the rest of your holiday, thanks for sharing everything.
Definately gonna av a go at a trip report next time. . . I might av to ask for advice on how to do it though , seriously I'm a technophobe and can just about send a text lol x
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Tenerife Bahia Principe
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Old 1 May 15, 07:12 AM  
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k l is excited
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What a fabulous day, treasured memories Emma will remember forever. Brilliant trip report. Thanks for sharing.
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The Lampert's return 2018
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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Fantastic day, no better way to spend a birthday
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What a fantastic birthday for Emma, loved her cake it was so pretty, hope it tasted as good as it looked, truly magical day one i'm sure Emma won't forget
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soooo excited
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Oh what a fabulous day, Emma must've had the best birthday and she looked so precious in her Anna dress. Your photos are fantastic, the ride photos - just brilliant. I especially love the photo of the kids in the Mickey head at the Contempory. I have to admit when I read your kids' comments at the end of this wonderful day it brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. You have done them all proud with all your plans for this holiday.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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