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Budget / avis class action response

I recieved an official response on this from Affordable Car Hire and Budget and having read up on the case i can assume what has happened in one or two scenarios.

Heather Venerus was involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist and was injured. To what severity i do not know and i hope that she and her passenger and the uninsured driver are now all ok.

A few things then may have happened and this is only my personal assumption:

1 She either did not have travel insurance or her passenger did not have travel / medical insurance and subsequently then recieved a bill for hospital treatment that she is rightfully due to pay. Whether this be claiming on her own travel insurance or if foolish enough not to have travel insurance you can try to claim on the other drivers insurance if it was their negligence.

2 She thought i am in the land where you sue for $250000 when a coffee in mcdonalds is too hot so for my injuries i want millions.

3 You have all seen the ambulance chasers ( as they call them in the films) and she may have been harrassed or convinced by one whilst in hospital that she had a case and could earn a lot of monies etc etc.

The truth of it in fact is in a class action law suit the only person who normally makes any monies are the lawyers. They make it a class action lawsuit as the amounts are so small it is only worth their while if they can get thousands or millions of people to join it. The more they get on the class action the more the lawyer will make. They will bill extortionate amounts for every letter sent out and anyone expecting monies will end up with a few dollars if they are lucky should the lawyer win.

As the other driver was not insured she can only sue him personally and therefore i assume thought she was entitled to Budget 1 million dollars liability. The 1 million dollars liability is not for the driver of the Avis Budget vehicle but to cover you should you injure another motorist / person or damage to property up to 1 million dollars and in some states up to 2 million dollars.

So word of warning either have travel insurance and ensure your passengers have some form of insurance or take the PAE insurance which covers you in and out of the car and all your passengers whilst in the vehicle.

Having read through all of the notes the Judge has already thrown out most of Venerus and her solicitors claims and there is 1 part still left to rule on which i have heard will be in April.

Here is the official response from Affordable Car Hire and Budget.

Affordable Car Hire, Avis and Budget are aware that some of our past customers have been sent letters, e-mails or SMS messages related to a pending lawsuit concerning the case Venerus v Avis and Budget. Avis Budget values its customers and their privacy is our top priority however Avis Budget did not send the messages in question. The messages were sent pursuant to a court order by an attorney who has filed a class action lawsuit against us. This case has been certified as a class action law suit. As per the legal process in the United States, when a class action lawsuit is certified, customer information must be shared with the plaintiff. We complied with the ruling of the court and the plaintiff has chosen to send out the communication in question. Any violation of privacy law would fall on the plaintiff because we did not send these messages. As we did not send the correspondence Avis and Budget cannot comment on the procedures for opting in or out of the lawsuit. We advise you follow the instructions on the communication for further information.

Avis and Budget continue to honor all inclusions in our rate products including applicable insurance and we have met all government regulations as it relates to this matter. We continue to operate normally and we intend to defend ourselves in this lawsuit. Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you in the future.
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Old 11 Feb 16, 02:28 PM  
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