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Ocean Florida
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Old 11 Apr 16, 11:02 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Travel Day. Escape Lounge, TC Flight, Rosen Inn Pointe, Millers Ale House April 2016, Scottishnelli

Ahh - Slept like a baby. Before I knew it the lights were on in the room so I start sitting up (get the earplugs out) only to touch the iPad and find out it was only 3:30am. Whaaaatt?

Turned out Hannah had woken up and asked her dad what the time was. Kevin had gone over to where the phones were all charging to find out only to knock a glass over in the dark, spilling juice everywhere, so lights on, Hannah pulling the electronics out of the way and both mopping up the juice while arguing about whose fault it was. Deep joy. Kieran of course was head back snoring like a train and completely undisturbed by this. Lights back out and tried to get back to sleep but from there it was fitful and disturbed as my head was full of sun, parks and rollercoasters. Alarms went off at 6:45 and so started the showers, repackaged hand luggage etc.

Downstairs at 7:35 and checked out. We had booked the shuttle to the airport but since it was a bright sunny frosty morning we told them to cancel as we wanted to walk. A chance for a bit of fresh air. It's a simple walk to the terminal and I timed us as taking just on the 5 minute mark from hotel foyer to inside the terminal.

Made our way to the Escape Lounge where we were booked in from 8am. I had got this free through Holiday Extras on a day a dibber posted that it was coming up cheaper with purple parking so booked, submitted the claim and had the confirmation I would get it free within an hour. It was really busy but there were 2 tables for 4 left so she led us to one. There were endless tea, coffee and juice. Help yourself to cereals, yoghurt, fresh fruit, pastries, croissants and muffins. Then made to order rolls with bacon, rolls with Cumberland sausages, porridge or soft boiled eggs. From the bar you can get your free alcoholic drinks with only speciality beers costing any extra. You then have the option to buy a full breakfast, smoked salmon or eggs benedict.

The kids and Kevin ate their own body weight in bacon and sausage rolls, followed by pastries muffins and endless juice. I thought I would need to roll them onto the plane! I can not really eat in the morning so tea and cranberry juice for me. No way either of us could face alcohol that early, so I would save that for the plane! Although it was busy when we arrived it suddenly emptied half an hour later and I would say 70% of the seats were empty so it was quiet and comfortable. We passed our time chatting and being on our phones etc. The kids explored the new kids play area in one corner with a wee TV showing kids programmes and a couple of PCs with games on them as well as some games around a wee table. Really enjoyed this lounge experience and we found the breakfast options more than plentiful for us.

Went through to the gate at 9:40 and started boarding (rows 1-7, then 15-44 so we were last to board being in row 14). We were due to fly at 10:40 but took off at 11:07 after taking our obligatory plane selfie!

The 4 films that came free on the IFE were Blended, Captain Phillips, Toy Story 3 and Night at The Museum – Secret of the Tomb. It was 4 to upgrade to the full listing (6 if you also need to buy earphones) so I paid the 16 to upgrade all 4 of us. I watched Blended, Steve Jobs and The Martian. Hannah watched Blended, The Heat and The Intern. Kevin and Kieran both watched Star Wars – The Force Awakens (of course, when I went to the loo later it looked the whole plane was watching it)) and then Kevin watched The Revenant while Kieran watched a whole host of cartoons and TV in between colouring in. They did reboot the system twice at the start of the flight saying some folk had a problem with it which was really annoying but thankfully after the first half hour they seem to have sorted things.

Food wise here's what's was served and when as I know you dibbers still to fly TC want the gory detail!

12:15 Drinks Service (to buy)

1:30 Kids meals were served. This was meatballs and penne in a cheesy tomato sauce. The pasta was very underdone and Kieran would not eat that but scoffed the rest. He had a wee cheese n crackers set with red onion chutney, a roll, and a chocolate mousse.

2pm Adults meals – choice of James Martins Thai Chicken Curry or Sausage n Mash. Hannah and Kevin both had curry and I had sausage n mash – both very nice. We also had a cheese box and chocolate mousse.

2:20 Complimentary tea/coffee

4:40 Drinks service (to buy)

4:50 Mini Cornettos

6:20 Afternoon tea. A mini roll with cheese and tomato relish, a mini roll with egg mayo, and a fruit scone with jam and cream. Tea was served alongside.

By 7:10pm we were being asked to start putting bags away etc to start prep for landing. So far had been a perfectly acceptable flight. Plenty of space, decent service from a nice crew, and time passed well. I actually felt this years flight passed quicker than last year, but Kevin felt it longer. I think that's more to do with the fact the slight snuffle he had for the last 2 days turned into a full on snotty cold while we were on there. Lovely. Will be a miracle if us 3 (not to mention the entire flight) do not all have it too within the next few days. When we landed it was Dj vu time when they couldn't get the bridge connected to the plane for us to get off and we stuck on there an extra half hour while they did. I could have pasted last years paragraph in for this one! Does this happen a lot? Or just to us? Anyway, off we got and again as we were row 14 we were fairly near the front for getting off and through immigration. Another flight had come in and they were being directed to the kiosks so all our flight were directed via the officers. He didn't quiz us as much as last year and we were through in a couple of minutes. Our cases with our nice orange ribbons were easily spotted and picked up so we were on our way up to the car rentals, via a quick loo stop.

Kevin did the car hire through Budget this year, a small SUV which turned out to be a silver Mazda for those interested. I might come back and add detail about it later but cars don't interest me so my brain does not retain much info about it. It is high up, comfy, with a decent boot, and I will be ok driving it. That is about all I need to know!

On our way from the airport and an easy 18m drive to the Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando for our first 4 nights. We had emailed Troy Shoemaker a couple of weeks back requesting a high floor in block C or D facing I drive. We got the top floor of block D facing the swimming pools and the highway. I am actually quite happy with this having spent the first night now. Yes, you can hear the traffic but it is a constant rumbly noise which for us (who live under Glasgow Airports flight path) is actually easy to ignore. We also quite like being able to see the pools. The room is spotless, plenty of storage space and adequate fridge. We unpacked and the kids were keen for a fresh dip in the pool so we headed down there for half an hour. There were plenty of other families around the pool finishing up for the day as it was now 6:30pm US time. All happened to be British and all very friendly.

Finished our dip and upstairs to get ready to head over for some dinner before Kieran fell asleep! We headed for Millers Ale House as so many do! We really liked it. First fail on the food pics though (sorry!). Everyone had well tucked in before I remembered and I do not want to post photos of half eaten carnage. I had Salmon and veg, Hannah had British style fish n chips (an adult portion and about 3 times what she could actually eat), Kieran had kids grilled chicken breast and chips, and Kevin had a massive burger. Everything was delicious. Too tired and too full for dessert we paid the bill and left a 22% tip for our very friendly waitress.

Headed over to Walgreens and dragged ourselves round picking up water, milk etc for the room, and Tylenol cold n flu for kevin. But I realised once we got back I hadn't bought the shower gel, shampoo and conditioner I had intended. So the room ones will need to do until tomorrow. Various reading, telly, colouring in went on until lights out. I slept well until 4am and lay awake until 5 when I decided I could not lie on any more. This was pretty good given Kieran and I were both up at 3am on our first day last year. So I got up to start the TR I had been too tired to do last night. As I write this Kieran and Hannah are still sound and Kevin is trying to get back to sleep. I am dying for a cup of tea but will need to wait till everyone is up for that. Plan for today is Seaworld and I am so excited!

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Old 11 Apr 16, 11:14 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 11 Apr 16 11:14 AM.
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Old 11 Apr 16, 11:19 AM  
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Awww Helen, you're there!

Lovely report for travel day, hope you have a wonderful time at SeaWorld. I'm sat in a cold office, it's raining outside and I'm about to put the heater and make a cuppa as I'm so cold!

Looking forward to more x
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All over for another year...
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Old 11 Apr 16, 11:25 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
I know! I am so excited. Now that I finally got the TR to post up (the wi-if keeps dropping in and out!) It's now 6:25 and everyone is up. I need to decide where to go for breakfast between Rosen and Seaworld. I fancy a table service rather than buffet though so off to work out if I can find one.

Helen xx
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Old 11 Apr 16, 11:30 AM  
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Great travel day. We are in row 14 next year on our TC flight so good to know there is no need to rush to board!
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8 nights Beach Club then Orlando Villa
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Old 11 Apr 16, 12:05 PM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
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Hi Helen 🙋 Apart from the bridge trouble sounds like a fantastic flight, thanks for the info on that so we know what to expect ... Meaning what time we get fed lol 😉, your report made me chuckle cos it's similar to ours we are row 14 (and 15 for Meg and her boyfriend) and we have requested similar positions in hotel complex with Troy so great to hear they granted what you asked for... Fingers crossed we are the same. We only said the other day we were gonna try Millers and go to Walgreens first night too... Might miss that out if I do trip report cos it'll be like deja vu for everyone else lol. Pool looks good... My youngest will be in there plenty. Thanks for sharing... Now I'm super excited... Even more so than I was before! Have a wonderful day at sea world today and look forward to an update tomorrow
Sam x
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Tenerife Bahia Principe
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Old 11 Apr 16, 12:33 PM  
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Oh great start,we were at the Rosen a couple of weeks ago,loved millers,and seemed to always be in Walgreens for bits and bobs . Mo x
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rebooked rhodes
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Old 11 Apr 16, 12:38 PM  
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Lovely travel day, rosen looks great 😄
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Old 11 Apr 16, 12:50 PM  
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder
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Sounds like an easy, pleasant travel day! Have fun at Seaworld and I look forward to reading more tomorrow!

Edited at 07:57 PM.
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Old 11 Apr 16, 01:30 PM  
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Pleased to see you have arrived safely. The Rosen brings back many fond memories of last year. Hope you have fun at SeaWorld.
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Aruba Jamaica I wanna take u...CBR...
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