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Old 12 Apr 16, 12:34 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Day 1 - Denny's, Seaworld, Bahama Breeze, April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Report

I was up at 5am and caught up on my TR. Took ages to post it though as the wifi kept dropping in and out. Got there eventually. Everyone else was up by 6:30 but we just lazed around watching cartoons and catching up on Internet and taking turns in the shower before leaving the hotel at 8:45. Took a quick pic of the car on the way out. A gorgeous sunny day and it was so lovely to be in a wee playsuit and still feel lovely and warm.

Drove down I drive towards Seaworld and stopped in at Denny's for breakfast.

We really enjoyed this and will most likely go back. Kieran had the kids menu from which he ordered 6 pancakes and 2 sausages. When it arrived I thought there no way he would eat it but he only left 1 pancake!

The other 3 of us all chose the build your own slam option, in which you chose 4 breakfast items for $7.79.

From this Hannah had Pancakes, double bacon and toast.

Kevin had eggs sunny side up, bacon, sausages and toast.

And I had Hash Browns with cheese, sausages, bacon and poached eggs.

Kevin had coffee (endlessly refilled every time he had drank the top out of his mug!) and the kids and I all had apple or berry juice. The total bill was $41 and we left $50. Service was quick and very friendly.

Back into the car and 5 mins down the road to Seaworld, Paid the $18 parking fee and parked up at 10:15. Despite having a belly full of pancakes Kieran was desperate to get on Manta. It was probably a blessing that it had a 15m queue in which our tummies at least started to settle. I am not keen on Manta. Even though I have got over the shock of it turning face down last year (we realised today that this happened last year as it was a walk on straight to empty seats then, whereas this year we queued and could see people face down on it before us!) it throws your head from forward to back when it goes round the first loop and I hate that. I sat out of the second go for which the kids waited 30m, but to be fair this would be by far the longest wait all day. They came off at 11:30 and we made our way round the park to the Shamu stadium for the 12:00 show, stopping off for dippin dots on the way. Well. I have waited all year for them!

Show was funny and much more splashing the splash zone than I remembered. The kids didn't want to sit in the splash zone this year after Kieran remembered the water had stung his skint knees last year, and they are of course skint again this year. Boys.

After a loo break we went to the Happy Harbour where Kevin joined the kids running about the netted climbing area brandishing his go-pro. They were all howling and laughing so hopefully some good footage from that later. The kids went on a few of the smaller rides here then just after 1pm we made our way back round the park towards Kraken. In doing this you pass by where they are building the new Mako Rising coaster. It. Is. HUGE. We heard a CM telling a couple it is due to open officially on 10th June with some soft openings from end May so all you coaster junkies going in the summer are in for a treat.

We managed to walk on to the sky tower which we kept missing last year as it was always closed. Loved seeing everything from high up. We then walked round and queued 20mins for Antartica. I know it is supposed to be authentic but inside the queuing area was freezing, really freezing. We all ended up so cold. When it got the end when you are supposed to meander along looking at the Penguins, Hannah and I belted out through the exit like Mo Farrah. I stood face up to the sun trying to defrost my bones. Next up was Kraken which I have decided I actually like. Lots of loops but smooth so you don't feel thrown around. This was a walk on so we rode twice before moving on to Journey To Atlantis for a good soaking. Well, Hannah got the worst of it to be honest. Back to Kraken as the kids wanted another (umpteen) goes.

Hannah decided she was peckish so we went round to Captain Petes hotdogs and picked them up some fries and a hotdog platter – total $13.

We had taken our refillable cup from last year and had been constantly filling it up all day so we were all well hydrated. Sometimes they let us pay the $1.29 and sometimes they just waved us away from the till saying it was ok. In the end I think we paid for 3 out of 7 refills. They dont seem to care.

Right across from the hotdog place is the stingray feeding so the kids decided to have a go. They tell you to put the shrimp between your fingers then hold your palm on the bottom of the pool so they can swim over the top and pick the food up. Kieran tried a few times but each time bottled it when the stingray came near and dropped the shrimp. After about 3 or 4 times of doing this the stingray went past and flapped an almighty wave right up into Kieran's face! It about turned and while Kieran was standing there dripping and horrified it did it again! He was completely soaked and not too chuffed. We were all laughing saying it had got fed up with him dropping the food. It would of course happen once we had put the camera away though eh? He was not a happy bunny. Hannah and Kevin finished off the feeding while Kieran went to the wash area to scrub his hands, face, arms, head. Everything he could get under the tap really!

It was now just after 4 and time to make our way to the dolphin show at 4:30. We picked up gourmet toffee popcorn for the kids at $7 to share. It was like the nicest butterkist you could imagine. Yum.

I love this show. The dolphins are in it for short bursts and seem to love what they do, and there is so much going on with the birds, acrobats and stunts. So colourful and fast paced. Brilliant.

On the way out the kids decided they wanted another go (or 2) on Kraken. Like they hadn't had enough roller coaster action for the day!

We finally left the park at 5:45 and made our way to the car. We all agreed it was somehow even hotter now than it had been all day. I think it was because there had been a slight breeze all day (pleasant, not cold) which had suddenly dropped. Quick stop at Walgreens on the way home to pick up all I had forgot last night and back to the hotel. The kids were straight into their swimmies and down into the pool while I rattle up this TR.

I will be back later to add tonight's activities!

It was almost 8pm by the time the kids came up from the pool. They had really enjoyed their dip though so it was worth being a bit later. This is when Kieran started saying thank you so much for booking this holiday, and I was the best mum ever, and he was going to give me a foot massage when we got home from dinner. I laughed and said I had a feeling he might be too tired after dinner but thanks anyway. He does give incredible foot massages by the way. That wasn't just a comment from nowhere! He is such a happy wee thing and really appreciates things.

We got showered and changed really quickly and we're all out walking down to Bahama Breeze by 9:45 (well, after Kevin had to run back to the room from reception to get the $10 off coupon I had forgot to lift – oops). I have never known Hannah to get ready so quick, it was great! Bahama Breeze is just past Millers and Walgreens so an easy 5 minute walk.

Hannah decided to kids meal tonight and had chicken tenders with fries which comes with a little fruit salad and Kieran had the same. Hannah scoffed hers but Kieran, who was now flagging big time and in serious danger of cooking out on us, managed about half of his. That's when we know he is too tired. Kieran can eat for Scotland.

Kevin had the jerk chicken pasta which he demolished and said was delicious. He wasn't so keen on his beer which was supposed to be like red stripe but he said wasn't that great.

I had the grilled chicken. OMG this sounds so simple but it was sooooo nice. It said it came with a citrus butter sauce, sweet potato mash and veg. The sauce was amazing. It was like a fruity korma sauce and the chicken had a sweet glaze on it. Satisfied my sweet tooth no end. I had asked for the small portion as I can't eat these big USA portions. I noticed a few of the dishes at BB offered a smaller portion for a reduced price.

Speaking of my sweet tooth, I also had hibiscus marguerita which was lovely. Looks black in the photos but was a deep purple colour and very fruity.

By now the kids were both really tired. Hannah even decided she was too tired for the Dulche De Lech cheesecake she had been eyeing up and just wanted to get back to the room. She had resorted to telling Kieran jokes and having him sing the ministers cat to keep him awake!

So we paid the bill ($61 minus our $10 voucher plus $15 tip) and went on our merry way. Walking home with Kieran yawning his wee head off he explained very solemnly that he was tired to give a decent foot massage tonight but that I could bank it for another night we hadn't been so busy. Bless him.

But I will still hold him to that one night after a park with lots of walking!

It is 5am now. I've been awake for nearly an hour and just could not get back to sleep, so I have crept into the corner to finish this and upload it. I am hoping to get back to sleep for another hour or so. The plan for today is Busch gardens. Woo Hoo!

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Old 12 Apr 16, 06:56 AM  
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Ali Hart
Excited about Disney
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Sounds like you're having a fab time. Can't beat Denny's for breakfast. Can't wait to read more 😀
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Orlando here we come!
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Old 12 Apr 16, 06:58 AM  
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Sounds like a great first day! Thanks for sharing and look toward to more.
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Old 12 Apr 16, 07:13 AM  
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k l is excited
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We tried several Denny's last year it was a great place to go, (we found a nice one near Busch Gardens too which was good, we got up early drove to Tampa then went there before the park opened). Sounds like you had a great time at Seaworld.

Loving your trippie it's bringing back so many happy memories. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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The Lampert's return 2018
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Old 12 Apr 16, 07:17 AM  
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Sounds like you're having a great time.

ASMo, ASMu x4, SSR x2, BLT x 3, CSR, POLY, AKL, BC x 2, BWV, CC, OKW
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Old 12 Apr 16, 08:12 AM  
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Looks like you had a happy first day. We love Denny's for breakfast too! It's raining and freezing cold here this morning so I'm glad you're enjoying that Florida sunshine
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Miami Islamorada Key West, Marco Island
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Old 12 Apr 16, 08:45 AM  
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A great day, I love the Kracken ride, not so keen on Manta to be honest, I didn't like the face down-ness of it, and Journey to Atlantis always gives a good drenching. Hope your evening was as good.
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Old 12 Apr 16, 08:49 AM  
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I'm loving reading about your adventures. Just finished your report from last year. I think you should do this permanently for a living! I get a little bit of holiday subscribe with my breakfast! )

Thank you for the info on Mako, my excitement level has gone up again. We're going in August and we're all coaster fans so we were hoping this would be running.

Xx FF xX
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Old 12 Apr 16, 09:06 AM  
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Loving your live reports, looks like a great holiday so far!
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our first visit to Orlando is in...
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Old 12 Apr 16, 09:19 AM  
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looks like your having a fab time enjoying reading your reports as it happens
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Mickey were coming back again 11th trip
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