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Old 20 Apr 16, 04:03 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Day 9. Animal Kingdom, Villa Chillin, Texas Roadhouse - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florid

I was up just after 7 and Kieran was already sitting waiting for me in the living room. After our usual routine of his cereal, my tea, folding the washing, a bit of dibbing, it was time to wake Kevin and Hannah.

We managed to get out of the door by 8:40am, google maps took us via the Funnie Steed Road shortcut and we were parked in Animal Kingdom by 9:05am. Through bag check (much more involved this year with some folk then selected to go though metal detectors) and there we were. This was our first day in a Disney park, and we had bought the ultimate tickets with Memory Maker included this year, so the first thing we did was get a photo so we could check it worked. I had already been on a thread where some of us showed in our MDE that we had the ultimate so with MM included but nothing showing in the MM section, and other folk did have an entry under the MM section. We got a photo taken by the photographer, scanned my magic band then popped into the photo shop. She had me scan my band in there and sure enough the photos popped up on the screen. Later in the day when I went into MDE to check Q times a photo popped up there too. Tonight as I write this however, am unable to access any photos on MDE or on the photopass website so I am a bit worried again! I am hoping it is just busy and will work later. We did scan our bands at ride photos just in case.

This was one of the most recommended parks for today on the busy day guide, but it seemed to be heaving. I don't know if it was just that everyone took the same direction as us. And there were so many buggys, it's a wonder I have any ankles left.

Our first fast pass was for Kilimanjaro Safari at 10:10 so we wandered up towards Africa so we would be in the right area. When we got there we could see a massive queue and assumed it was the stand by line, but no, it was the FP line! We joined it at 10am and by the time we crawled forward to where we would scan our bands it was 10:12 and we were within time. It was then a 15m wait from that point for us to get on and the stand by line was 80m by that time. Safari was great and we same lots of animals up close. The driver stopped a number of times for us to take photos which I remember didn't happen last year unless an animal crossed in front and we had to stop, so we did get lots of photos and Hannah filmed with the go-pro.

We came off at 11am and the kids decided they were hungry so we stopped for a coolbag lunch. Those of you who read last years TR will remember the big wheels coolbag when there was 9 of us to keep going. That was too big for just the 4 of us last year so this year we have this

It's a backpack that is a coolbag.

So Kevin had packed it this morning with sandwiches, wraps, crisps, cereal bars and lots of water with our wee scooshy flavours from Aldi to add to the water. This kept us going all day and the only thing we bought were Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches for the kids.

After our wee picnic we walked down towards the tree of life. Here they were filming some sort of promo for the evening opening in the summer. There was a huge portion at the front of the tree cordoned off with some woman being puffed and powdered to do the presenting. Don't know who she was but but she had plenty of security moving folk away who hung around watching too long.

We went into Its Tough To Be A Bug which said standby was a 10m waiting time but it actually took us 20. I do like this but it was a bit spoilt for us by a family behind who had a wee girl about 3 or 4 who was terrified and screamed all through it. I don't know why they didn't take her out (they were only about 6 folk from the exit) as she clearly hated every minute poor thing.

Next we headed for Dinoland as our next FP was not until 13:10. Here we rode dinosaur (which said 40m but we were on in 20m) and our ride pic (if we ever get it) we are all laughing as the Latino woman in the row in front of us was hilarious. Absolutely terrified, screaming like mad while her husband was howling laughing at her. Out and round to Primeval Whirl (20m wait and it was). This wasn't quite as jerky as before so we were ok but I wouldn't go on twice. We wandered about slowly on our way out and the kids had a 15m play in the Boneyard. Then round past where the Finding Nemo Musical is, with both kids declaring they did not want to see that again. Wasn't too fussed but said I did want to see the Lion King. All 3 of the other said they didn't. Whaattt? Our only day in AK and I do not get to see Lion King? That will be shining.

Our other 2 FPs were Kali River Rapids at 13:10 and Everest at 15:25. As we were passing Everest it was now 1pm and the wait time said 20m so we queued for a go. It took us 17m. I coped better with it this time as I knew about the backwards in the dark bit. That was a bit of a shock last time!

Off and round to River Rapids. I've said before I don't like getting wet so was a bit reluctant on this one. I don't mind the top of me getting wet but get sick of stoating around a park with a wet tooshie as it makes me too cold. So as we were queueing I was studying the derrières of people coming off the ride like some kind of perv. It was 50/50 wet butts to dry so off we went. It was good fun in the end and the poor dad across from us got drenched. We all got off with our top halves being wet but dry bottoms. The front of Kevin's shots were soaked but not too bad. Coming off it was now 2:20 and I explained I was heading for Africa to watch the street performers then see Lion King at 3pm (it was on every hour on the hour) and I would get them back at Everest during our FP slot 15:25-16:25. Hannah was tired and a bit pale so decided she was coming with me. The boys went off to see how many times they could ride Everest before we came back!

As Hannah and I entered LK Kevin whatsappd to say the q was now 50m.

Lion King was fab. I love this show! So colourful and I have always loved the songs.

When we came out we walked back to Everest and joined the boys to use our FP. They had been in twice while we were gone. FP had us on within 5 mins and I enjoyed it again. When we came off the wait was down to 20m so the kids went on again (Kieran's 5th go!). After this we all agreed it was time to head back to the villa for a dip in the pool so back along the Funie Steed Road shortcut we went. We were home in 15m and out at the pool straight away which was 5pm. I dipped my feet in to cool them from all the walking and buggy ankle bashing, then lay on the sunbed and had a wee snooze in the nice warm sun while the kids splashed about playing some game they have made up called water street. No idea what that entails though!

Kevin had decided we were going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner so at 6:45 we had showers and off we went. The Eastons liked this last year but we didn't try it.

Hannah BBQ chicken with creamed corn and green beans

Kieran had kids hot dog and fries

I had grilled salmon with mash and green beans

And Kevin had a full rack of ribs with fries and a Caesar salad.

I had an Armadillo Punch and the others had Cokes

The kids then had a Big Ol Brownie to share which was just as well as they would never have ate one each.

The food all tasted lovely but our server was slow and disinterested, and I didn't like the whole décor thing with shells all over the floor. I know it's meant to be authentic but it makes me think it looks dirty. We noticed the server at the table next to us explained all sorts of specials that ours didn't, and he was way more attentive with refills and bringing things out quickly. Maybe if we had a better server we would have enjoyed it more. It's the first time I have only left the minimum 18% tip which speaks volumes.

Back to the villa, a wee Malibu and Cranberry poured for me while I do my TR, a beer for Kevin and he and Kieran were straight out to the pool and hot tub. Hannah was whiter than white and headed to bed as we have another early start tomorrow when we are zip lining at Gatorland. If I don't bottle it!

Woo hoo! Just checked and it has let me see all the MM photos so will just add some in at the end here now.

The photographer said he loved Kieran's vest top and said he would do something special- love this!

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Old 20 Apr 16, 04:41 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 20 Apr 16 4:41 AM.
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Old 20 Apr 16, 07:10 AM  
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Another lovely day. Weather looks lovely and I like your park attire MM quite easy to use then? The back pack is brilliant where did you get it? x
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Old 20 Apr 16, 07:15 AM  
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Great day, I like the new meals on wheels backpack!
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Aruba Jamaica I wanna take u...CBR...
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Old 20 Apr 16, 07:30 AM  
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k l is excited
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Your outfits really fit the park well, excellent choices made there. Glad your MM worked more specials memories for you to keep. Hope you have fun at Gatorland and also hope Hannah is feeling better soon. Loving your trip reportx
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The Lampert's return 2018
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Old 20 Apr 16, 07:43 AM  
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Lovely day at AK, glad the MM worked well. Excited to hear about the zip wiring at Gatorland that sounds like a blast!
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Miami Islamorada Key West, Marco Island
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Old 20 Apr 16, 07:43 AM  
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Great day, love your animal print dress, great that you can share the MM pics.

Index to my trip reports at link below, updating live
"Over the hill and sailing away March 2017"
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Last minute Disney fix!
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Old 20 Apr 16, 07:54 AM  
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What a great day,I know it never comes out as one of the popular parks but it's one I really like .
Love the back pack cooler bag, it kept you all going all day .
Food looks good in Texas Roadhouse, shame about the server, don't blame you for leaving the lesser amount tip .
Thank you for posting, looking forward to the next day
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Family Time In Florida
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Old 20 Apr 16, 08:09 AM  
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It sounds like you are having a lovely time, we leave in 10 days time so your TR is getting me really excited. Would love to know where you got the back pack from. Hope you enjoy your day today and look forward to your next update.
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Our WDW Holiday.
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Old 20 Apr 16, 08:17 AM  
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Thanks for sharing...glad you are having fantastic time ! Look forward to reading each day with my breakfast !

Another thing on the shopping list... back pack cooler bag !
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Jersey for 2...but will it happen ?
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