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Old 24 Apr 16, 03:31 PM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Day 13. The Pharmacy! Hollywood Studios, Sci-FI Diner, Olive Garden - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2

Today ended up being a disjointed mishmash of a day for a number of reasons. Our plan was to go to Hollywood Studios and we had these FPs booked

Firstly Kieran got up and said his ear was sore to touch. He had said the night before it felt blocked with water. When I looked at it the hole was slightly swollen shut which has happened before when he had an ear infection. So I knew we had to deal with it. I posted a quick 'help me' post on the fabulous dibb and went off to get us all ready while my lovely dibbers fed back suggestions of the best way to get treatment. I love this about the dibb.

Now armed with information, we set off for the nearest Walgreens at the top of the road. The pharmacist there said it sounded like a middle ear infection but we would need to visit the Walgreens a mile down the 192 as they had a nurse practitioner on duty who could consult and provide a prescription. Off we went. We arrived at 9:30am, and were directed to use a computer kiosk to register. On this we completed all our personal info, why we were there, how we intended to pay (credit card and have checked my insurance and I can claim this back once home and only pay my £50 excess) and it displayed the estimated costs for what we had entered (quoting $120-$150) asking us to confirm we understood the costs and could pay. We were then told we were in the queue.

By 10 am it was clear we wouldn't make HS in time for our TSM FP closing so I used the app to move this. Couldn't get anything decent at all so just changed it to Little Mermaid in the afternoon. We were seen at 10:15. She was really good and thoroughly examined Kieran asking lots of questions. It was quite funny though when she kept checking his age. Kieran is very tall for his age and could easily pass for an 11 year old. She explained she would need to change his prescription strength to match his size rather than his age as he is so big! She also suggested we buy him adult Tylenol for pain relief if it was needed. She confirmed it was a middle ear infection that needed antibiotic drops. She said he needs to stay dry for 3 days then use ear plugs for any other water play for the rest of the holiday and told us which ones she would suggest. She said she thought we had caught it nice and early and will be all cleared up before flying home, which she warned could have been dangerous with the risk of a burst ear drum (which the lovely dibbers had already advised me). We paid $99 for her consultation, and $42.99 plus tax for the drops. I also added a large tub of Tylenol as we wanted some to take home anyway, and the suggested earplugs. So the whole visit cost $165.

By this time Kieran was desperate to get to HS and all things Star Wars. He seemed fine in himself so off we went, having started the ear drops and popped him a Tylenol.

We arrived at HS, parked up, through security where Kevin was selected for additional security checks which the kids thought was hilarious!

After loo breaks and photos in front of the Chinese theatre it was 11:10 and time to head for our Star Tours FP. The wait time was 45m and even the FP queue looked big, but we were on in 5 mins.

This was great as we got a film with some footage linked to The Force Awakens and with BB8 doing transmission to C3PO. Kieran LOVED it! Pity it was too busy to ride again with it now having gone up to 70mins.

The park was heaving. Although it was a Saturday the busy day guide said HS was a preferred park, but in hindsight this was a mistake for us. The stand by wait times were ridiculous. 95-100 mins for ToT, RnR and 135mins for TSM! No way. We came out and considered The Great Movie Ride with a 25m wait but the kids weren't up for it. So we moved over to what was the Animation Courtyard where they have removed my beloved animation classes for all things Star Wars.

Kieran was in his element in here! We watched a film about Disney taking on the Franchise which showed clips and info from the old films, some from the new one, directors and designers talking about their work and then some info on plans for future films. Even I found it quite exciting. Kieran clapped at the end and jumped and skipped out of the theatre! There were storm troopers walking around everywhere and they were really funny. They all act like big dumb football player types around the kids, talking to them.

We then went into the part with lots of costumes and the things they fly in (sorry – I don't know the names and my wee Jedi is in the games room). This Darth Vader costume is only $4000 if you fancy it for Halloween?

We spent quite a while in here looking at things and Kieran spouting all sorts of SW trivia every time we looked at something!

We left here to go to our FP for ToT. Now, some of you might remember I hate this. I hate drops. Kieran says his mum is 'better at spinny roony than droppy doony' which just about sums me up. But I had promised I would try it once again as the only ride I got a total pass for was Shiekra (Just no way I could have done that again) so on we went past the stand by line that snaked all the way round the gardens and out past the stand by entrance and now showed 100m wait. Eek. We were on in about 10m and I still hate it. I nearly broke poor Hannah's hand and the ride photo is mortifying. I can't understand how folk can look happy on this thing. Look at my boys!

It was nearly time for our lunch booking at Sci-Fi diner for 13:20 so off we toddled. Rock N Roller is one of the kids favourite rides and it felt terrible passing by without riding but 95m was ridiculous.

Checked in to sci-if diner and got shown to the first 2 rows of a car right at the front of the screen. I hadn't really told the kids anything other than it was a bit like a drive in movie so they were screaming WOW when they saw it. Sorry the photos are so rubbish but it was dark the iPhone just doesn't do well in there. Kieran was riveted watching the old scream movies on the screen.

The kids both had kids chicken noodle soup

Then both had grilled chicken with mash and veg but the portions were tiny. Kieran didn't eat very much which is when I know he is not quite himself.

Hannah on the other hand scoffed hers, then the bread and fries from mine as I can't eat bread or fries. The filling from my turkey sandwich was piled thick and was more than enough for me.

Kevin had a burger of some kind with lots of chilli and like it.

I had a pomegranate lemonade which was delicious.

The kids then had dessert. Hannah had some cinnamon donut thing

And Kieran had the house Made Candy bar, which was like a chocolate covered mousse cake.

I can't find the receipt but I think it was about $87 and I left $110.

We left there and it was now melting hot. We checked all the ride times but nothing we were willing to queue that long for. We gave Kieran his next lot of drops at 2:30 but could see he was starting to tire. He wanted to see Little Mermaid though so we did this at 3pm. I am glad we did though as it was lovely and cool and Kieran loved it, clapping like a happy wee seal at the end. It was time to abandon HS. I will need to see if I can get a couple of FPs for a morning on what would have been a free day for us to come back. I can't imagine not getting on Rock n Roller this holiday when it's one of our favourites.

We got back to the car and headed for Target on rolling oaks (yes, again!). At this point both the kids had a second wind and decided they wanted to do the other shops at rolling oaks. I was shattered to be honest but went along with it. Hannah tried on every pair of wedge heels she could find but didn't find any she wanted me to buy. I picked up this CK dress in TJ Maxx at $39.99, as I loved the colour on me.

Kevin got a Tommy Hilfiger wallet and I got a make up sponge like the one the girl in Sephora used on me

The kids got lots of toy trash and pool trash in dollar tree (it's all over the villa/pool/garden now so not gathering up for photos!)

Then we got our shopping in Target and headed home. Included in this I got Crest teeth whitening strips that I meant to get last year and forgot, and picked up some of these mascaras I love and struggle to find at home. They have a tiny wee brush that separates my tiny short lashes, along with some banana boat which we like to use for water parks instead of our usual organic sun cream.

Kevin and I dozed by the pool for a couple of hours while Kieran was on the PlayStation and Hannah face timed her pals.

We got ready and out for dinner at 8. By this time Kieran was revived and starving. We decided to go to Olive Garden at rolling oaks, where we waited 35m for a table. This was made much easier by the fact she gave us a voucher for half price glasses of wine from the bar while we waited. I had a couple of those for only $7 total!

We really liked the food and chilled atmosphere in here. Some amount of food though! It's one of these places when you order an entrée it comes with umpteen sides.

Kevin ordered lasagne and it came with a salad the size I make to share when we have a BBQ! It also came with huge bread sticks and marinara sauce. Both of these were unlimited so once Kevin and the kids had eaten the first lot (the kids LOVED the bread sticks) she brought more.

Hannah ordered Salmon and Broccoli which came with a side of any choice of unlimited soup which Hannah didn't want. I had been going to order soup as my meal, so the server said just to have the one that came with Hannah's.

I know this soup doesn't look great but it was gnocchi and chicken and was incredible!

Kieran had kids pepperoni pizza which he scoffed despite having eaten his own body weight in breadsticks already.

I had a voucher for a free dessert for my birthday by email from them, so although both kids had dessert we were only charged for one.

Hannah had chocolate caramel lasagne which was delicious, and much lighter than it looks

Kieran had Black Tie Mousse Cake which was lovely but slightly heavier. He cleared the plate though. Obviously feeling better.

The server had been brilliant and had saved us money by suggesting how to order, so we left a generous tip and staggered off home with full tummies.

We really loved Olive Garden and it is now second after Teak for us. Great food and a warm family atmosphere. We may even make a second visit.

Back to the villa and we had a couple of hours in the games room again, playing pool and using the wii wall.

I was way too tired to attempt my TR so had to abandon it to this morning. So I apologise to all of you who like to read it over breakfast! I think I've done not bad though to get to day 13 before that happened though!

Today we were supposed to do Kennedy Space Centre, but to be honest I am dead beat so am putting it back a day. And as much as Kieran seems fine I don't want to push him, so I have insisted on a villa day.

Kevin doesn't think he can do a whole day at the pool again so wants to do something. I have said I will let him take the kids up to the crazy golf for an hour or so later but that's about it. I will be parked at the pool, kindle in hand. Well, in between doing washings and housework in the villa to put to all back to lovely and fresh again.

It will be a short TR tomorrow folks!

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Old 24 Apr 16, 03:45 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Hope Kieran is feeling better soon
Thanks for the tr
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Old 24 Apr 16, 03:59 PM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 24 Apr 16 3:59 PM.
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Old 24 Apr 16, 04:10 PM  
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I missed you this morning but I am soooo glad that everything is sorted and Keiran is feeling better already. That Olive Garden meal looked delicious. Hope you are enjoying your sunshine today x
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Trip 25... What will happen this time?
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Old 24 Apr 16, 04:22 PM  
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Sorry to hear about poor Kieran's ears but seems like you nipped it in the bud.

HS sounded very busy, but at least you were able to do a few things with FP

We usually end our meals with a trip to a Target too! x
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All over for another year...
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Old 24 Apr 16, 04:26 PM  
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Glad to read Kieran was feeling better once he had had the medication

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Old 24 Apr 16, 04:33 PM  
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Missed my morning read, been checking in before I get up each day lol. So glad Kieran is on the mend. Olive Garden looked good, think we will need to add it to our list. Enjoy your chill time 😀
Missing the mouse
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planning for summer 2018...
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Old 24 Apr 16, 04:47 PM  
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Me too miss my morning reading, glad your son is feeling better, enjoy the rest of your holibobs
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Punta Cana here we come
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Old 24 Apr 16, 05:00 PM  
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Glad Kieran got sorted. Can't believe how busy HS looked. Did have a look this morning for your TR but noticed your post yesterday re Kieran so knew you would get one done later on. It helps having rest days planned. Enjoying your TRs as much as I did last years.
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Just chilling no WDW
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Old 24 Apr 16, 05:05 PM  
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Glad you got Keiran's ear checked out, it is comforting to know that it's easy to access medical treatment. Loved your rides at HS, some of our favourites.

We love Olive Garden, the bread sticks are amazing!

1998,1999,2001,2004 I Drive, 2005,2006 Pop Century, 2007 Newport Bay DLP, 2010, 2012 OKW 2013, 2014, 2015 SSR, 2016 Portofino Bay & IDrive
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Idrive then POR with full DDP
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