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Old 27 Apr 16, 04:45 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Day 16. Hollywood Studios, House Of Blues - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Repor

Today we were going back to Hollywood Studios in the hope it was quieter and we would be able to get more rides done, especially our precious Rock N Roller Coaster and Toy Story Mania which we missed our FP for on the morning we had to take Kieran to get his ear sorted out.

So it was an early start. I tried to wake Cousin It first as she takes the longest to get ready and is the slowest to get going in the morning. It's like she is my exact opposite. At night when it's bedtime and I am yawning my head off she is wide eyed and can't sleep. Then in the morning when I am bouncing around I can't get her up. Anyway, I woke her and she started crawling around the villa with her eyes half shut, making some attempt to join the rest of the world. Kieran was up next and awake from the get go, and Kevin was up and in the shower, feeling chuffed with himself as he had done the picnic the night before and put it all in the fridge ready to put into the coolbag. Our fastpasses looked like this:

We left the villa at 8:10 and made our way to DHS. We arrived at 8:25, parked in television 14 so were able to walk to the main gate. Through security where Kevin was chosen for extra checks through the scanner again (he must look well dodgy!). We went through the turnstiles at 8:30 and were allowed part of the way up Hollywood Boulevard to the rope. They held us at the rope until 8:50 and when the rope dropped every single person walked (well, speed walked, tight buttocks style) towards Toy Story Mania. When we got to it we walked straight through the queue lanes all the way til we were on. The queue behind us was massive. Liked the ride and it seemed longer than before which was good. When we got off it was 9:03 and the wait time was 45m already!

Hannah was desperate to get to Rock N Roller so although our fastpass wasn't until 9:50 we decided we would go and see if we could queue to ride before then. The wait time showed 30m but we were on and off again within 20. LOVE this ride! It's definitely our family favourite.

We came off and the wait time said 30m still, so since our FP didn't open for another 20m we queued again. This time it actually took 40m in total and they bypassed the whole recording session with the band video part. We were just all filed past this with nothing playing. For us this was fine as we had been on so many times in the past, but if it had been my first time riding I would have been a bit gutted to miss this. We came off and this time the wait time showed 60m and we went through using our fast passes. We walked right up to the FP entry point within the ride when we were stopped still. We stayed that way for 15 minutes with none of the queues moving, not FP, not single rider, not stand by. Loads of people walked back out the of the queue. Then it started up again, and again we bypassed the video part. Not sure if maybe they were trying to fix that and that was the delay but hey ho. So after riding it for a third time we came off and had a restroom break and stopped at a picnic table behind Cataline Eddies for our coolbag lunch.

The Tower Of Terror FP opened at 11:25, which I of course was not doing, having hated it so much on Saturday. As we went round the wait time showed 30m so they decided to queue to ride before using the fastpass. They were on and off in 20m and straight back on with the FP. While they were being dropped from a high height and leaving their tummies behind, I sat on the sunny side of a bench and met and chatted with 3 different folk who came and sat on the shady side of my bench. I met an English woman waiting for her daughter, Son in law and 2 grandsons of age 3 and 5, who made me laugh describing how she hadn't wanted her SIL to take the kids on but was trying to be a good MIL and not interfere! They all came off smiling to her great relief. Then a girl who was waiting for her boyfriend talking about how she wished she had more guts for these rides as she thought she was starting to annoy her BF, then finally an old chap called Ben, who was American and married to a much younger German man called Fritz. We had a chat about them visiting the South Coast of Britain last year. So all in all I enjoyed my chill time, sitting in the sun, chatting with folk who passed my way.

My family all off in one piece, we made our way over to Star Tours. On the way we went in and did 'Path Of The Jedi' which is a 10m film about the past Star Wars film and then The Force Awakens. It felt like a film to introduce Disney fans who might not have been SW fans to the franchise but Kieran loved it of course. This was situated in the building we went to last year to register Kieran for Jedi training, which made me look at the map to see where that happens now. You now need to get to the Indiana Jones Adventure outpost for this. So I've stuck a picture of the park map in for anyone who intends to do Jedi Training this year. You used to go to number 9, but now you will go to number 19 at the other side.

We came out of this and onto Star Tours, waiting exactly the 20 wait time it showed. We had a different film from Saturday. It had the same start with the new footage from the new film, then once BB8 did the transmission it was totally different, with underwater scenes that were really funny. Really enjoyed it.

We came out of here and made our way across to the bakery where I had promised the kids they could choose a treat for watching Indiana Jones. On our way were stopped by them roping off an area for the Star Wars characters to walk through to get the main stage for the Star Wars show. So this was great as Kieran got to see them all as they came through and they did all nod and acknowledge the kids beside the rope which was good. He wasn't fussed about seeing the show as we had seen most of it on Saturday as we waited for our Mermaid FP to open.

Into the bakery and chose our treats. The kids both chose popcorn

And we chose a chocolate covered peanut butter cup, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Indiana Jones was great as usual. I love that Kieran is taken in by every stunt and every audience plant. His wee face just watches so stunned!

While there I popped onto the app and got a 4th FP for The Great Movie Ride which had a 35m wait. So after Indiana and a restroom break, we went on that. We were a bit early but have noticed if you are 10m early it lights blue and the CM decides if they let you in. If you are 5mins early it lights green and just lets you in. We were 5m early so walked in fine. Kevin fell asleep on this! But Kieran loved it and Hannah just enjoyed being cool. Today was the warmest yet, and the first day we had to pour water over Kieran's neck (avoiding his ears) and back to keep him cool. It was also the first day we went through all the bottles of water from the coolbag. Every other day we have gone home with a couple left over. By the time we left TGMR it was 3:15 and melting hot.

Our original plan had been DHS, then to Disney Springs to try to use our Characters in Flight vouchers (which was closed last week when we went as it was too windy) then to eat at House Of Blues again with our other $50 restaurant.com voucher. However, as we arrived at DHS this morning I discovered I had forgotten the HoB voucher so we had said we would pop back to the villa for it after DHS. This turned out to be a total blessing as we agreed since heading to the villa we may as well have some pool time before going back out. BLISS! By 3:45 I was in my bikini and floating about that pool like a big ole whale! It was heaven! I then flopped out on my favourite lounger in the sun and dozed my way on and off through the next 2 hours. Happy! Kevin lay in the sun too and the kids floated about in the pool chatting (keeping Kieran's ears dry). We then all showered, got ready and headed to Disney Springs, arriving at 7pm to find it was again too breezy for the balloon (at this rate I will be offering up the vouchers on the DIBB to a family going in May!). So we went to HoB for dinner.

We were told a 25 min wait but were then seated within 5mins. We were seated on the back patio (still indoors) which I hadn't even known existed. This gave us a view of the balloon so when we saw no movement during our whole meal we knew we weren't riding it tonight!

Kevin had Cajan Chicken Jambalya

I had herbed Salmon from the daily specials

Kieran had kids pepperoni pizza

And Hannah had grilled cheese

I had a few Green Gator cocktails which were nice and sweet, then the kids and I had dessert.

Hannah had Triple Chocolate cheesecake

Kieran had Bourbon banana cake, of which he ate about 3 bites and abandoned

And I had Key Lime Pie. Well, I say I had it. I had 2 bites and surrendered it to Kieran when he didn't like his!

The server was great and told us as he brought the dessert that we were about 4 dollars shy of the $100 spend we needed to use the $5 voucher and would I like another cocktail to make it up. Oh well I suppose I need to then eh?

We paid the bill and went for a wander through DS. I loved the vibe with all the live bands and really enjoyed having a nosy around.

When it was time to leave we headed back to the Orange Car Park (if you put House of Blues into Google maps it takes you straight to this car park and you come out between abc and Splitsville, right at HoB and Disneyquest) and made our way home. Nobody in the pool or hot tub, or even the games room tonight. Kieran was almost straight to bed, and Kevin is having a beer and watching Jerry Maguire on TV with Hannah, while I rattle up my TR.

Tomorrow we have a lazy morning followed by an afternoon in Epcot.

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Old 27 Apr 16, 05:04 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 27 Apr 16 5:04 AM.
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Old 27 Apr 16, 05:19 AM  
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k l is excited
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Glad to see you got to ride you favourite ride several times. I'm like you I rode TOT once then sat in the sun whilst the rest did it again. Looks like you all had another fab day. Nothing better than getting into your pool to cool off after busy day at the park. Fingers crossed you manage to get back to Disney springs to ride characters of flight.

What are you plans for tomorrow.
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The Lampert's return 2018
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Old 27 Apr 16, 05:35 AM  
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Love your Rock n Roller ride photo!
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Old 27 Apr 16, 06:35 AM  
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RnR is my favourite ride love having Aerosmith blaring in my ears. Like you I hate ToT. Great day.
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Just chilling no WDW
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Old 27 Apr 16, 07:00 AM  
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Love love love RNR 😀 How did the park look with all of the building work going on?
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Run Disney Challenge
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Old 27 Apr 16, 07:36 AM  
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Disney Dreaming :)
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Loving all the RRC and ToT action Best rides on property!

Shame about your balloon flight I hope you manage to get it done!

You are so right about Disney Springs, the night time atmosphere is wonderful

A link to all my Trip Reports

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Nashville - 3rd time :)
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Old 27 Apr 16, 07:55 AM  
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Another great day
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One Last Time
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Old 27 Apr 16, 08:05 AM  
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Another great report! I can't wait to go now!

Port Orleans Riverside 2014
Caribbean Beach 2015
Caribbean Beach 2016
Caribbean Beach 2017... Now Animal Kingdom Lodge
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Old 27 Apr 16, 08:14 AM  
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You had a right result at HS with riding all that you did, well done

Sounds like an all round wonderful day with the afternoon battery recharge.

We haven't been to Disney Springs in the evening for years but was only saying the other day that, even though we enjoyed the quietness of an early morning visit, it must have such a good atmosphere at night - seems that way!

Looking forward to reading about your visit to Epcot today - have fun! x
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All over for another year...
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