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Unread 28 Apr 16, 03:12 PM  
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Day 17. Epcot, Mini Golf, Teak - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip Repor

Today was a lazy start, so once up and about I was bikini on and out beside the pool in my favourite spot. Kevin joined me while Kieran was in the games room and Hannah was face timing her pals at home.

We left the villa at 11:15 and off to Epcot we went. We had these FPs booked

Parked up in Discovery 17 and off into the park. It looked pretty busy and the queue times showed 110m wait for test track. Mission space was the next busiest at 25m so only test track was too busy to wait for and we had the FP for that anyway. As we didn't have a FP for we set off to queue for it. We were going orange (of course). My wee adrenaline junkies would be offended by green! We only waited 10m in the end. I really like this and still don't know how they manage to make you feel that G force feeling. So clever.

It was melting hot again today, showing 94 degrees when we parked up. We came out and paid a visit to Club Cool, where despite knowing how disgusting the Beverley was Kieran still tried it again!

We were in here a while so the kids could sample everything. Suitably refreshed we wandered over to the butterfly garden and walked through there.

Epcot is looking gorgeous with all the food and flower festival displays.

Next we made for The Seas for our FP for Turtle Talk. Kieran sat right down and the front and was the first crush chose to speak to (that little dude with the blues shell and brown fur). He had home talking like a turtle drawling out 'totally sweeeeeet dude!' It was really funny. I think it's so clever how they do this and manage to make Crush interact with the kids. Really enjoyed it.

Came off and walked straight on to Nemo for a wee tour through the dark in a shell!

We came out and stopped on a sunny bench for our coolbag lunch as it was now 1:20pm.

This is when I got some exciting news! The day before my friend from work, and fellow dibber Spectrolee, had messaged me to say she was now in hospital being induced and reading my trip report to take her mind off it. Ever since then I had been checking my messages and Facebook for news. I logged into Facebook and Lee had posted a picture of her beautiful baby daughter, named Joni, who had arrived safe and well following what sounds like a difficult time for Lee. I posted my congratulations on FB and knew exactly what I could do to toast her birth – more on that later! I know you won't mind me sharing your gorgeous girls photo with the Dibbers Lee

Little Joni. Isn't she gorgeous?

We still had some time to kill before our FP for Spaceship Earth so we wandered around in the sun looking at the flower displays, and had a wee go on living with the land as it was a walk on.

Off to Spaceship earth and on we went. I fell asleep on this again same as last year, and so did Kevin! We both woke up in time to do the bit at the end with the questions and faces!

Came off and had a good look in Mousegear for a while, then came out and found a quite shady bench in a wee garden where we could do Kieran's ear drops as he has lie down for 5 mins to let them go in. By the time we did this and had a restroom stop it was time for our Test Track FP. Loved this again! Kieran would have loved a few more goes on this but the Q time was 80mins so no way.

We headed for the world showcase next which I was really looking forward to. We went anti-clockwise starting with Canada. We didn't go deep inside any of the countries. I was happy wandering slowly from one to the other looking at bits and pieces and seeing what drinks and food were on offer at each one for the F&F festival. It was lovely. I wish I could eat huge portions and I would just have eaten my way around them all!

As it was I had a special stop to make in France. One of Spectrolees favourite things is a Grey Goose Slushy when in Epcot, which I had never tried. So in honour of the safe arrival of baby Joni, I got myself one and posted a picture to Lee having a wee toast to her. I think it must've raised a smile as she replied later saying she loved it!

We walked on and when we got to Italy I got the kids a couple of non-alcoholic slushies,

and I picked up a pasta dish for Kevin and I to share and an Italian slushy for me. HIC!

There was a photopass photographer on the bridge so we stopped for photos. She was trying to get Kevin and I to do the whole princess pose thing and we were knotting ourselves. I know she doesn't know me but I am really not the adoring princess type! But the end I really like the pictures as the 2 of us were killing ourselves laughing so they're actually quite good!

I just loved walking round the showcase today, basking in the sunshine like a big cat, supping slushies, listening to all the live music, and seeing the street acts. It was just lovely. Well, it would have been if the other 3 weren't dragging themselves round complaining about being too hot! They couldn't wait to leave! We stopped for photos on the way out and had such a cheery old guy. LOVE this photo he did that turned up on MDE later.

Isn't that cute?

We had agreed to we would go and do another mini golf before we went for dinner today, since they loved the Fantasia gardens one so much. So after getting back to the car we drove the 6m over to Blizzard Beach and into Winter Summerland. We chose to play winter and it was good fun. Nice and shady for the others who had been too hot.

My only complaint was the shady trees meant flying bugs, and bugs just love me. Flying ones, bitey ones, they all make a beeline for me. I spent the course batting them off and at one point swinging my golf club like a loony at a particularly determined big winged brown thing that had taken a liking to my left leg. It was following me everywhere! In the end Kevin managed to get rid of it, much to the kids amusement.

Mini Golf done it was time to head to what has fast become our favourite restaurant. Teak. All 4 of us love the food and atmosphere here with the live music, and it's such good value for money. And what do you know, it just happens to be Wednesday again and I will have to suffer those $3 cocktails. The things I have to put up with!

It was a straight 25m drive up the road and when we got there Times Square was mobbed. We circled it 3 times before we managed to get a parking space. Finally parked and in we went. This time Kevin went for the 'Wholey Hell' burger

Kieran went for the waffle burger

And Hannah asked for the waffle burger but substituting the beef patty for chicken, which they were happy to do

I had the same pulled pork Quesedillas as before. I just can't stop myself. They are the nicest quesadillas I have ever had!

I had a couple of cocktails (of course). By then we were all shattered and ready for home.

Once in, showered and relaxed I was too tired for the Trip Report, so we all gathered on the couch watching Planet Of The Apes and Kieran gave me an amazing foot massage (well trained that boy) while Hannah played with my hair, so it felt like a lovely wee pamper session!

I fell into bed (well I say fell, but the size of that thing I need a punty up first) and slept like a log until 8.30am.

My mum sent me a picture of her garden this morning with a layer of snow. Brrrr. Going to make sure I enjoy my last few days in this sunshine!

Today's plan is Blizzard Beach, then Magic Kingdom in the evening for some rides and hopefully staying for wishes at 10pm. So it will be a late one and there will be no TR tonight either (sorry folks). It will have to wait till morning again.

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 28 Apr 16, 03:53 PM  
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Disney Dreaming :)

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Perfect day! It looks so appealing when I'm sat here listening to the hail batter my window!

I've added Teak to our plan after reading all your reports x
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9 nights at The Dolphin :)
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Unread 28 Apr 16, 04:05 PM  
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Looks like a lovely day!

Teak was on my list but is a definite after all these photos
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Cheeky HHN trip
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Unread 28 Apr 16, 04:41 PM  
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Another Great day, I think i'm going to be living in teaks! DW has spotted the Ladies night thanks to your TR and yep we will most defiantly be going on a Wednesday
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Looking Forward to POR
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Unread 28 Apr 16, 04:53 PM  
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Very Serious Dibber
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Great day, really enjoying your reports every day, thank you
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Florida 2019
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Unread 28 Apr 16, 06:29 PM  
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Ohhh lovely, Epcot looked so nice, including the cocktails! Gorgeous little baby! 😄
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Our WDW Holiday.
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Unread 28 Apr 16, 06:36 PM  
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Really enjoying your reports, I'll be sad when you come home lol.
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Grandson makes 3
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Unread 28 Apr 16, 06:46 PM  
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Another fab day! Again teak looks amazing!
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Planning our first as a family of 4
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