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Old 29 Apr 16, 01:38 PM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Day 18. Typhoon Lagoon, Magic Kingdom & Wishes - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2nd Live Florida Trip R

Today was another slightly later start so once up and trip report done I had a wee laze beside the pool before getting everyone organised. The plan had been Blizzard Beach followed by MK in the evening for a few fast passes and staying to watch Wishes. We swapped out Blizzard Beach for Typhoon Lagoon and left the rest of the plan the same.

We left the villa about 11:30 and headed along the funie steed road shortcut as usual. Love having this shortcut as it makes the villa feel even closer to all things Disney! Arrived at Typhoon Lagoon, parked up and went in and rented a large locker for the $15 for the day and we set off to find me a bed. This is where Aquatica has one thing going for it, there are always hundreds of beds. Couldn't find a bed for love nor money so after doing one trawl I just set myself up with a makeshift bed made from joined together seats! Couldn't lie down but fine for half sitting/ half lying.

Thankfully an American family nearby soon offered me one of the beds they had for their child saying she wouldn't need it as playing on the slides anyway. I settled myself down while the other 3 went off playing on the slides. I am not mad on water slides as I have explained before. I would rather stretch out in the sun like a big cat. And I have to make the best of it as my friends, family and fellow Scots dibbers have been telling me (and showing me pictures) of how we have snow at home. Eek! Not looking forward to going home to that. Somebody find me a job here quick.

The kids love this park and spent the next few hours playing in the wave pool and doing all the slides and lazy river. It will be interesting to see if they love Blizzard Beach so much tomorrow as we have never been there.

At one point another family left and I managed to get Kevin a bed too so he had a wee lie down in the sun for a while too. I went off and got myself a hot fudge sundae, of which I had about 5 spoons when the kids came back and they then demolished the rest between them.

Kieran was doing fine with his earplugs which stayed in brilliantly. In fact, I am going to stop at Walgreens and stock up on a few packs of these for home or for other pool holidays.

When it got 4:15pm we called the kids in to go for showers and get ready. Hannah and I were dreading a similar queue for the showers like we had for Aquatica but we walked straight in and there were plenty free. Both showered (Disney don't provide body wash in their showers like Aqauatica do though) and when came out there was a queue like an execution so apparently we had just missed the rush!

When we left the park we found a shady bench and ate the rest of the sandwiches, apples and crisps from the coolbag, leaving just water and a few cereal bars to take into MK for which we had these FPs booked

Found the car and drive over to MK, paying the $20 parking, which Kevin grudges paying just for an evening but no choice. We had planned to get the monorail but it was off so had to get the ferry. Nice breeze on the way over as it was still very hot at now 5:30pm

IN we went and made our way up past the dance parade thing that was happening around the castle and round towards Peter Pan for our first FP. I would never normally FP this but Hannah had said the other day it was a pity we had never been on it, and I had to take what FP I could get anyway when I changed our plans. It was a cute wee ride but I can't see why people would queue so long (60m) today to ride it.

We came off Peter Pan and walked around past SDMT showing 90m queue. The kids were desperate to do the Tomorrowland Speedway again and it was Kierans turn to drive, so off they went while Kevin and I sat and watched he world go by. I picked up a Lemonade slush which I started and the kids finished (there's a pattern here somewhere) when they came off. We checked the ride times for Buzz and it was a 15m wait so in we went. While queueing this changed to 20m on the ap which was in fact what we waited. Kevin has chosen his ride pose for the day!

Came off and onto our FP for Space Mountain which showed a 70m wait for standby. Even the FP had a long queue in. When we went in we were directed left which was the first time we had ever boarded at that side. We were surprised to find it was a totally different format which made a nice change. Still more shoogly than I remembered from last year though.

Came out, restroom breaks and it was now 7:15pm and we had until 8:55 for our Big Thunder Mountain fastpass so we decided to just work our way round to Frontierland and ride what we wanted to. The kids had another go on Speedway while Kevin and I sat again. I enjoy sitting people watching while waiting for the kids, and it was starting to pleasantly cool and chilled out feeling as the park got a wee bit quieter.

When we reached SDMT it was showing 50m so we decided it was worth a queue and joined. The clouds were darkening and they kept freaking me out by playing a message saying if the weather worsened they would have to close it. But we made it on in exactly 50m and I was glad we had as it was a whole different experience riding it in the dark all lit up, it was lovely! No ride video on MDE today so they must not do that when it's dark.

We then made our way to our FP for BTM and again this was brilliant to ride in the dark. Coming off we had planned to get something to eat at Pecos Bills but it had closed so we would need to make our way to Caseys Corner which was still open. We made our way round as far as we could watching the electric light parade on the way.

Once the parade was over we went the rest of the way round and into Caseys corner. Got a couple of hotdog and fries with Diet Coke for the kids and found a table at the front which gave us a good view of wishes.

So we sat there for the whole of wishes while the kids had their food. It was brilliant! We watched wishes from the cruise boat on the lake last year which was a brilliant experience but this was different in that we could see all the projection onto the castle parts that were not visible from there. I had a wee lump in my throat when the frozen bit came on.

Then for the fireworks which were incredible as usual and had me singing when you wish upon a star all the way home.

We filed out with everyone else once it was all over and I was really happy that we had stayed out for the evening to do it. It also wasn't as tiring as I thought it would have been, and has me wonder if we should do the Star Wars Fireworks at HS tomorrow night. But we won't tell the little Jedi just yet incase we decide not to do it. We got the resort monorail back to the T&TC and back to the car. Kieran snored all the way home after telling me how brilliant it had been. Happy..

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Old 29 Apr 16, 01:45 PM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 29 Apr 16 1:45 PM.
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Old 29 Apr 16, 01:56 PM  
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And yet another brilliant day all done at a nice steady pace

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Old 29 Apr 16, 02:10 PM  
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Wow that was a perfect day!

DLP Jan 2014 ~ Sante Fe
DLP Jan 2015 ~ Cheyenne
Pretrip report Here
Report in progress Here
Food Report ~ Here
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Back to our happy place
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Old 29 Apr 16, 02:11 PM  
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Ah what a lovely day, and how lucky to get a seat and watch wishes!
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Old 29 Apr 16, 02:12 PM  
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Another great day
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One Last Time
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Old 29 Apr 16, 02:16 PM  
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Oh definitely try and do the Star Wars fireworks if you can, they are brilliant.
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Old 29 Apr 16, 02:31 PM  
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You make it all sound so relaxed and easy, I'm loving your reports each day. My lot prefer Blizzard Beach to Typhoon Lagoon, I don't mind which one we go to, like you I'm the one on the sunbed relaxing while they do their stuff on the slides etc.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Old 29 Apr 16, 03:45 PM  
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Oh I love Magic Kingdom at night BTMR in the dark is just so much fun isn't it. Hope you get to see the Star Wars fireworks
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Miami Islamorada Key West, Marco Island
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Old 29 Apr 16, 03:46 PM  
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JoJo88's Reviews
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Awww, what a lovely day. My lot prefer Typhoon Lagoon over BB but only just. Be interested to see what you think

Lovely photo of you watching Wishes! xx
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All over for another year...
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