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Kissimmee Swamp Tours
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Unread 30 Apr 16, 02:25 PM  
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Day 19. Blizzard Beach, MiniGolf, Bahama Breeze, Hollywood Studios - April 2016, Scottishnellies 2n

Today we lazed again in the morning. Once I had done my TR I was out on that sun lounger beside the pool again.

We got ready and left the villa at 11:15 and made our way to Blizzard Beach. Parked and through the security, rented our $15 locker for the day and set off to find me a bed. I had been dreading this as it wasn't easy at Typhoon Lagoon yesterday. I know if we were there first thing it would be fine but we need these lazy mornings now we are almost at our full 3 weeks in. As luck would have it we came across an empty bed next to an American family and asked if they were using it. They said no, that the couple had just left and taken their stuff. Bingo!

We left my towel and the coolbag there and we all set off for a nosy around the slides, and this was the first time we had been to BB. On the way round we did the Teamboat springs where you all climb into a big circular raft. I screamed all the way down this as it kept going right up the side with me at the top and I felt like I was going to tip over onto the kids. As much as I screamed all the way down I did really like it! It was much longer than the team one at Typhoon Lagoon so made it worth climbing all those stairs.

I was also really impressed with the play area bit in here. It is like a pre-teens total wipeout course! With floating icebergs to cross, net bridges, a zip slide that drops you into the water, just brilliant fun and the kids loved it. Unfortunately I have no photos as Kevin went around with his go-pro all day and we haven't transferred anything onto the iPad for me to load them here. I will do this at some point when we get home though. I'm not promising uploading the video of me screaming on the team one though as its mortifying! Although I did laugh and laugh when we watched it back tonight. I look like such a tube!

After this we had a go on the lazy river. I LOVED this! Floating along in the sun, Jack Johnsons 'to the sea' playing, no nasty surprises (the waterfalls are dodgable, especially when I had Kieran steering me round them hee hee). It was just so chilled and as it goes right round the perimeter of the whole park it's easy to just stay there. This was one of my favourite parts of the day. I had a wee moment there. You know when you get that? When everyone just looks so happy and you are all relaxed and you think 'oh aye, this is what it's about'.

Once I had been floating around long enough I tipped out, went to the locker to collect my Kipling with my purse, phone, kindle etc and headed back to the sunbed. The kids and Kevin had decided to come back for some lunch anyway. With those 3 refuelled, they headed off to do all the big slides. Kieran even did the great big one that goes straight down! NO fear that boy. Hannah declined that one but they did everything else. They came back now and then and we would have a dip in the wave pool in front of me. This is much more shallow than TL and has occasional waves like you are in the sea, rather than the big tidal wave that TL has. The water was also considerably warmer in this wave pool than in TL.

I finished the second half of the book I started in TL yesterday. I have loved these water park days being so chilled. It's weird that we had to them back to back as we pushed them right to the end of the holiday to allow for Kieran's ear to heal, but it's been worth it. He has done well with those ear plugs and I am definitely buying some to take home.

Just before it was time for showers I noticed a family in front of me getting a lot of attention from folk. When I looked again they were all little people, like they had dwarfism. There was Mum, Dad and 2 daughters who looked maybe 8ish and 14ish. Then a couple of people came over and asked for the mum and dads autographs and took a few selfies. The family seemed happy to oblige, smiling and chatting with people. I am assuming they must be on TV or something and that it's not that folk were treating them like some kind of circus act. Surely not? Surely they wouldn't have been so friendly with people. I don't know.

At 4:15 my adventurers came back to me for us to start getting showered etc. It was at this point we explained the possible choices for the evening. When we had enjoyed doing a waterpark daytime and park in the evening so much yesterday, that I had popped onto the app and booked some Hollywood studios Fastpasses for tonight, thinking we could see the Star Wars Spectacular at 9:45. So we explained this to the kids telling them the FPs were as follows

There were 2 things to consider though. Kieran wanted to do Summer mini golf ('badly badly mum'). And Kevin wanted to drive back offsite to eat at a restaurant before doing Hollywood studios. So after a bit of negotiating back and forth, it was decided we would leave BB, nip next door and do the Summer Golf, Head out to the 192 for food, then back to HS in time for our 2nd fastpass as we wouldn't make the ToT one. Everyone was happy with this plan.

The showers in BB were not quite as good as TL, simply because the curtained area outside the shower cubicle had no seat or bench to lay your things, just one single hook. So it meant you couldn't really get ready in there, only shower. So we had to put all our stuff in a changing cubicle with no shower, both get showered as quick as possible then towel round us to move to the changing cubicle. I suppose it might get people done in the showers quicker when it's busy but it definitely more of a faff. I heard another English woman with 2 young daughters complaining about the same thing. Again BB don't supply any shower gel or anything the way Aquatica does so you need to take your own. We have all agreed Blizzard Beach has just narrowly beat TL as our favourite water park now. And had we managed here earlier in the week we would definitely have had a return visit. Ah well. We will just need to come back again then eh?

All done and fresh for the evening we headed next door to play Summerland Golf this time. We really enjoyed this again and it was nice to move into the shade now and then as we went round. It's about 50/50 in the sun to in the shade and at almost every hole you can find a shady bit to stand in. It's funny but mini golf isn't something I would choose to do at home but have enjoyed it here. It nice that it is included in the ultimate tickets (1 round per day) but I don't know that I would pay the normal prices. I forgot to take a photo but think it was something like $14 per person.

We left mini golf at 5:40 and headed out to the 192, deciding on Bahama Breeze as I still had another $10 voucher to use, and Publix is next door and we needed supplies for the last day or so in the villa. It took us 11m to get from the BB car park to the Rolling Oaks car park via the toll road which is quieter than the 192 at teatime. Quick stop at Publix then into Bahama Breeze which was already busy with it being Friday. We were still seated straight away and the server was efficient which suited us, wanting to eat and be off again.

Kevin had the seafood paella, which he thought was really nice and cleared his plate

Hannah had Grilled chicken and fruit salad, which was all lovely but as the salad had goals cheese sprinkled through it, which she had somehow missed in the description, she scoffed the chicken and some of the fruit then picked at the salad

Kieran had grilled chicken and fries which he hoovered up

And I had grilled Salmon, with an almond crust, lemon butter sauce and mashed potatoes with green beans, which was yummy

I had a frozen bahamarita (yum! )

Paid the bill with our $10 off (printed from a link another dibber put on the forums a few weeks before we left) Then we were off to HS again.

We arrived, parked up an into the park which was very busy.

We walked round past ToT which showed a 40m wait to use our RnR FP. That showed 70m. Loved this as usual and it was nice coming off when it was now dark, all lit up and the area was booming with Areosmith tracks which doesn't happen daytime. Was a great atmosphere.

Looked at ToT which now showed 70m wait time which was too steep. We had promised the kids something from the bakery since we hadn't waited for dessert at Bahama Breeze, so we stopped there next. I went in with the kids and Hannah get popcorn, Kieran got a large Mickey Sugar Cookie and I got a white chocolate peanut butter cup, same as I had for watching Indy the other day.

When we came out the whole world were marching up towards Fantasmic and Kevin said the app was showing 35m wait for Toy Story Mania, so we headed there against the flow of the crowd. We actually only waited 20m and were off in time for our Star Tours FP. This film had the start being from the new film, the transmission from BB8, then an old film I recognised from last year. We left there and made our way down the Main Street to get a spot to watch the Star Wars Spectacular.

This was amaaazing! So atmospheric with the music and the colours matching the soundbites (Green when Yoda speaks, blue battling red when Darth and Luke are fighting) Just brilliant! It lit up all the buildings on the street. Well worth seeing and I am glad we did it. Hannah turned at the end and said 'oh my God that was awesome' and Kieran was bouncing up and down clapping and cheering. Kevin filmed it on his go pro so no photos but to be honest I don't think a still photo would do it justice anyway. It was the whole thing with the music etc that made it what it was. We did get a couple of photopass ones done just as it started as we were right next to the photographer. You can see how thrilled Kieran was that I had turned him round for that. Not!

We filed out, walked back to the car and headed home. We were home by 10:30 and all 4 of us sat out in the dark with our feet in the multicoloured pool, watching the go-pro footage from the day and laughing our heads off. Kevin had a beer, I had a wee Malibu and Cranberry and the kids had lots of water following their water park day. I had another wee moment out here. We have one full day left and it was so nice sitting together tonight in the pool, chatting and laughing about things we had done. Just magic. Admittedly most of the laughs were at me screaming on Teamboat springs, but that's ok!

So we have one last full day left and as it is a 'free day' we need to decide what to do with it. It will have to involve some packing (boo!), and some pool time (yay!), but what else? We still have the groupon to use for characters in flight which has now become (un)affectionately known as 'that bloody balloon' as every time we go to Disney Springs it is tethered, yet every time we are out and about the bloomin thing is flying high and can be seen for miles! We need to decide where to have our last supper too. Let's see what today brings then.

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Unread 30 Apr 16, 02:38 PM  
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Great report as always, I don't know how you manage to fit the time in to do it!
Interesting about BB, we've never been, always done TL. For some reason, I've not been tempted by BB, can't explain why tho we'll definitely be giving it a try this year, you've convinced me!

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Unread 30 Apr 16, 02:40 PM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 30 Apr 16 2:40 PM.
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Unread 30 Apr 16, 02:43 PM  
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I wait everyday for your report! Was the Star Wars spectacular worth going back for?
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Then there were three...
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Unread 30 Apr 16, 02:53 PM  
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Glad you enjoyed the Star Wars fireworks. Have a great last full day.

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Unread 30 Apr 16, 02:57 PM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Originally Posted by wdw1991 View Post
I wait everyday for your report! Was the Star Wars spectacular worth going back for?
Lol yeah it was brilliant. I think you maybe read the TR before I managed to get that last section uploaded But yes, SO glad we went and saw it xx
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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
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Unread 30 Apr 16, 03:05 PM  
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Another great day

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Unread 30 Apr 16, 03:06 PM  
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What a fab day, I'm so glad you enjoyed BB. The Star Wars fireworks sound fantastic I hope they're a long lasting thing at HS so I can see them in 2028! Enjoy your last day.
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