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Unread 26 Aug 16, 12:53 AM  
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Beaching It With The Poole's Day 12 August 2016

"Shut up and dance with me"

Today was more of the above picture, after a busy day yesterday I felt we deserved this. We didn't even go to the beach this morning, very lazy. Grace didn't go to be until 8.30pm last night apparently so we were not awake until 6.30am and got about about 15 minutes later.

I got straight in to doing the trip report from yesterday and Nanny and Grandad went out for a walk. When they got in I made some scrambled egg for myself, Daddy and Grandad. Nanny had some toast and goodness only know what Grace had a yoghurt as usual I think. We had breakfast by the pool and I saw something in the river outside as I went in as I came back out it had moved and I was sure it was a gator...it was! After all these days of looking we had finally seen one, we were very happy

We then went through all the things we had got last night and showed Grace her new stuff, she was over the moon

It was out by the pool after that the weather was lovely as usual and we enjoyed a couple of hours. Daddy then convinced me it was time for a couple of goes around the block on the bike. I hadn't done it for a few days, I had got away with it due to being poorly but felt I could not use that excuse any more! Once out I actually enjoyed it, it was a little windier today which made it more difficult but nice.

We nearly got run over by someone pulling off their drive, who clearly was not in the mood to look to see if anyone was coming! He pulled straight out and we had to stop, he didn't even acknowledge us!

We had a few hours out in the sun and our next move was to go to Farlows in Englewood for dinner. We came in about 2.45pm as we had a very very light shower so we got ready and made a reservation for 4 o clock.

We arrived right on time and were seated at a lovely big table with a view out the window. The menu is massive and it just took me ages to decide what to have. Everyone else always looks at the menu before we go but I do not like to choose until we get there so I was way behind. Even the drinks menu is massive and I had to ask the server to give me some time.

I eventually order a tropical fruit punch, Grace had apple juice, Daddy had water and Grandad a beer. Nanny had a Pina Colada. We ordered a couple of appetisers to share some calamari as I know Grace will eat that and some conch fritters (they were nice and came with a lovely dip) and Grandad had a bowl of clam chowder.

We ate these before ordering the mains. Nanny had stuffed flounder, Grandad stuffed scallops, Daddy and I both had a red snapper in different sauces. I ordered Grace Grouper bites and fries. It was all really really good and came with salad and warm bread. Grace had so much bread she hardly touched her fish!

I had another cocktail and Grandad had a few beers, it is a lovely place right on the river, the service was great and it was a good meal. Nanny and Daddy had pudding, Daddy a chocolate molten cake and nanny some pecan ice cream. Grace was so full she didn't share with anyone! We all had coffee too.

The bill was $225.77, pricey but good quality and a nice experience and we haven't eaten out all the time so it was well worth it. We had some pictures taken outside afterwards.

We left there at around 5.30pm and had to do a stop in Walmart for a few running supplies, we were not in there long tough as I really wanted to get Grace to bed at a better time tonight.
On the way home in the car we got the inspiration for today's title, the song, "shut up and dance with me" Grace loves this song and it has become the song of the holiday. She can turn the radio in the car up from the back and she did just this, it was loud and we all sang along

We were indoors for 6.45 and we messed about for 15 minutes then I put Grace to bed, whilst I was doing that Grandad went to bed too! He has either drunk to much or didn't want to eat any more so went to bed ha ha.
So I finish this and we will go outside for a glass of vino.
There is a feeling in the camp that the holiday is coming to an end, but we still have 2 full days before we fly home on Sunday so we will be making the most of them.
thanks for reading and we will see you tomorrow

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Trip 25... What will happen this time?
Unread 26 Aug 16, 01:11 AM  
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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 26 Aug 16 1:11 AM.
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Unread 26 Aug 16, 08:25 AM  
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Been catchin up on your report! Making me think maybe after next year's orlando park holiday to do a beach chill holiday the year after. So much more laid back and relaxed but still in america at the same time x
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2nd lifetime trip!
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Unread 26 Aug 16, 09:25 AM  
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Your meal sounds amazing. A nice relaxing day after your shopping trip yesterday.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Unread 26 Aug 16, 09:27 AM  
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A nice relaxing day your evening meal sounded good

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