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Date Submitted: 04-03-2012Page: Disney Tours & Events -> The Pirates League
Our ds was 6 when he had his Pirate League makeover, we had the full package and although it was costly ds absolutely loved it and it was well worth it.

You were given a pirate name, make-up, tattooes, costume and photo opportunity... we had a pirate maid who stayed in character the entire time and never dropped her accent once - she was truly fabulous and had such a rapour with us adults too!

Our ds was over the moon with his makeover and spent the rest of the afternoon asking if we knew it was him - he thought he looked so different we wouldn't recognise him

They were a bit funny with photos being taken during the makeover and cameras were not allowed in their secret room but the attraction was fairly new and I guess they didn't want tonnes of photos getting out, making people have to try it for themselves I guess

It really was a brilliant experience but I'm not sure I'd have it done again, I think it's more of a one-off kind of thing
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