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Date Submitted: 15-09-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Blue Lagoon Restaurant
We ate here for lunch in May 2012 and had the Dreams Package meal (being offered here while the Silver Spur was closed).

I started with the coconut ginger prawns, which where delicious - fresh and clean with lots of flavour.

Peter is allergic to bananas and we were told the coconut prawns contained banana in the sauce. He wasn't keen on the other starters offered, so was offered a choice of any other starter. (Veggies, those with allergies and picky eaters please note - DLP were quite happy to offer alternatives to the set menu in their restaurants.)

Peter chose the ceviche of sea bream with octopus salad and avocado, which he loved.

For the main course we both had veal medallions in Jamaica rum sauce (well, it's in POTC, you have to have rum somewhere!) with mashed sweet potatoes.

Beautifully cooked tender meat, and a very tasty dish overall.

The only dessert offered on the Dreams menu was the 'Special 20th anniversary dessert'. At Walt's we had been told it might contain banana, and Peter was offered a choice of an alternative. But here they confirmed it had no banana in it (which, since I had eaten it earlier in the week, I agreed with). So we both had it.

A light and refreshing sponge and mousse concoction, beautifully presented.

The cost was 20 Euros per person (plus drinks) and included a wristband for entry into the VIP viewing area for Dreams.

Date Submitted: 21-09-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> The Steakhouse
The decor in this place is lovely, giving off an American-style 'gentlemen's club' vibe (I imagine!) and our server was friendly and helpful.

As it was lunchtime we went straight for the main course - surf and turf, with chips for DH and a baked potato for me. The prawns were whole, served on a skewer, and were delicious. The steak was a little dry and lacking in flavour, and the couple at the next table said theirs was rather chewy. Maybe it was just an off day?

DH had the Bailey's Creme Brulee, which was really a cheescake with a caramelised sugar topping. He really enjoyed this.

I had the tropical fruit mousse with caramelised banana and a skewer of pineapple. For me, this was the best part of the meal. Light but luxurious, and hey, it's mostly fruit, so it must be healthy, right?!

Would definitely go back here again, probably for dinner.

Date Submitted: 21-09-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Earl of Sandwich
For me, this is the best value CS meal at DLP. The sandwiches are hot, fresh and tasty, and made to order - so if you don't like something, they will happily leave it out.

You order your sandwich at the counter, then pick up any drinks, sides or desserts you want, and then pay. You're then given a buzzer, which will flash when your hot sandwich is ready to collect.

The upstairs area is themed as the Earl's library, and there is a great view over Lake Disney, looking out at the Panoramagique tethered balloon. Talking of which - EoS do a 'Menu Ballon' which includes the price of a 10-minute balloon trip as well as the meal, at a significant saving.

My 'Beef and Bleu' sandwich and DH's 'Full Montagu' were both delicious. We shared the huge bread pudding. If your memories of bread pudding are those rather grey slices of stodge you used to see in bakers' windows - do not fear! This version is light and sweet.

And one more thing to recommend it. As far as I know, it is the only CS place in DLP which gives a discount for members of the Shareholders' Club!

Date Submitted: 21-09-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Walt's – An American Restaurant
20th Anniversary Dreams Menu

We had this in May; it cost 40 Euros for three courses, and included a wristband which gives you admission into the preferred viewing area for the night-time Dreams show. We found this very useful, as the area is much less crowded and you don't need to stake out your spot ages in advance. The view is slightly to the side, but you are slightly raised, and the CMs ensure the path in front of you is clear, so if you are at the front of the preferred area, there is no-one directly in front of you.

The service was a little confused - we had to ask several times for our wine, and the CMs seemed not to know much about the Dreams menu.

If you are veggie, don't eat seafood, don't eat red meat, have allergies ... don't despair. The servers are happy to offer alternatives to the set menu if needed.

I began with the carpaccio of scallops, which was light, delicate and fresh. The scallops were sliced incredibly thinly and served with sesame oil. The accompanying vegetables included asparagus spears, cooked and served cold, and the veg were wrapped into a pretty circle by a thin strip of raw carrot.

DH's starter of parma ham and melon with spinach salad was beautifully presented and a lovely start to the meal - simple and unfussy (well, compared to mine!) but delicious.

My main course was the sea bream with red rice, and DH's was the rack of lamb with ratatouille, salad and a lamb jus. Both the excellent quality we have come to expect from Walt's.

The only dessert offered on the Dreams menu is the '20th anniversary dessert'. DH is allergic to banana, and we asked the server whether it contained any. A few minutes later he returned and said they weren't absolutely sure, so DH could choose any other dessert instead. (We discovered later that the dessert has no banana in it, but we were grateful to Walt's for erring on the side of caution.)

DH has the bourbon vanilla cheesecake instead, which he thoroughly enjoyed. My 20th anniversary dessert was layers of light mousse and sponge, and a small chocolate plaque. A sweet and light end to the meal.

Date Submitted: 21-09-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Plaza Gardens Restaurant
This is a nice place for a relaxed lunch (or dinner if the park is open late). There is sometimes a Dixieland jazz band who take requests.

There is a good range of salads, and just to prove you are in France, there is even a bowl of snails!

Main courses include a carvery, various hot options such as lasagne, chicken and salmon.

You can follow this with a good selection of cheeses, and various desserts ranging from pots of yoghurt to various cakes and puddings, and of course Mickey waffles.

A lovely place to refresh yourself and restore your energy for more park-going.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Market House Deli
The croque monsieur here is very good - hot and tasty.

There is very little seating inside, but more outside. A good place for a quick bite if you're on Main Street.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Fuente del Oro Restaurante
We had a Menu 2 and Menu 3, and shared everything.

The fajitas and enchiladas were quite good although not particularly spicy (which may be a good thing, depending on your POV...)

The churros were yummy - and yes, you can go here and just buy churros if you're craving them!

Like most of the CS places in DLP, there is little logic to the opening times! But if you are nearby it's a good place for a quick lunch.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Café Hyperion
We rarely eat here as we're not fans of the menu - but it is an excellent place to cool off/warm up (depending on the weather) with a cuppa. Classic Mickey cartoons are shown on a big screen.

It's a shame Videopolis is not currently being used for a show, but it does mean that mid-afternoon, when energy is flagging, tempers are fraying and bottom lips sticking out (and that's just me...) it provides a nice place to relax and recharge your batteries.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost
The pizzas here are hot, fresh and tasty. A 'Menu 3' will feed two adults (particularly if you've filled up at breakfast time!)

Nice theming too, and in a particularly lush area of the park.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Au Chalet de la Marionnette
Have only had a coffee here, but I had to mention the rather impressive theming. The carvings of Pinocchio and the other characters are lovely, and the painting of Figaro the cat over the exit has a nice story.

Apparently when 'Pinocchio's Village Haus' in Disneyland California was built, the Exit sign wasn't squarely over the door. So they painted in Figaro the cat, pulling the sign, to balance it.

When they built the Chalet at DLP, the 'Sortie' sign was placed centrally, and so they painted in Figaro giving a 'thumbs up' sign to say "Well done, you got it right this time!"

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Restaurant En Coulisse
Sorry that the only review is not a glowing one! This is popular because of where it is. The food is pretty basic, and queues are long because everyone walks past it on the way in or out, so they know where it is.

I would find somewhere else in the park (Backlot Express has had some good reviews, though I haven't tried it myself) or nip out to the Village and lunch at Earl of Sandwich instead.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Annettes Diner
We got here about 10 minutes before the end of the parade, and boy, are we glad we did! It's the first restaurant you see as you enter the Village, so it is a popular stop for hungry families.

There was no dancing from the waiting staff when we ate there, but we did see some on rollerskates.

The shakes are big and delicious. I had a peanut butter and chocolate shake and Peter had a chocolate one.

The burgers are a cut above the fast food places, and the set menus are reasonable value.

Nice theming too. Not surprised this is a 'must do' for many.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Buffalo Bills Wild West Show
It's a few years since we did this, so haven't seen its current version.

The food is fine provided you are not expecting gourmet! The drinks include free refills, which is a nice bonus.

The show draws on the fact that Buffalo Bill's show actually did come to Paris. We thought they blended French and English very well in the show - everyone could follow what was going on.

I have mild asthma and was warned against sitting in the front row because of dust, so we sat further back (in what are now the cheaper seats). The view was absolutely fine, and I had no problems with the dust at all.

You are given a nifty cowboy hat, which you can keep, and are encouraged to shout and cheer for your team. The show is much more fun if you shed your British reserve and yell like a loon to cheer them on (the refillable beer may help here...!)

A good night out, particularly if you can take advantage of one of the periodic offers on the ticket price.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Cafe Mickey
It's been a few years since we ate here, but our friends and their four children loved their evening here in February 2011. Captain Hook was the star of the show, stealing their autograph books and running round the restaurant.

It's worth noting that you don't have to have the set menu to have a character meal here. If your party includes picky eaters or you're on a budget, why not just split a pizza?

However, it is somewhere it pays to linger, because the characters will probably come round several times in an evening. Find out what time they are due, and book for about 10 minutes earlier so you're in your seats and have your meal ordered.

Definitely one to pre-book. Walk-ups are often turned away in the evening as it's so popular.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Manhattan Restaurant
We ate here in 2011 and the current menu is not quite the same, but I'm sure the quality is equally as good.

We both had the same starter - scallops, cooked to perfection. My only quibble would be that the 'jus' they were served in was a little overpowering.

We followed with steak, one of the best I've ever eaten. It was accompanied by an aubergine puree, some creamy mash and a garnish of preserved lemon (which sounds a little strange but really worked).

The dessert was a selection of small (not too small!) dishes - tiramisu, a raspberry mousse and a cannoli - heavenly biscuit/fruit/cream combo, the best I have eaten outside New York.

Just a side note here - the pineapple carpaccio, which is still on the menu, is amazing. We ate it at Yacht Club rather than here. If your essential Disney tastes are pineapple and cinnamon, you need to discover this dessert!

The atmosphere was quiet, calm and relaxed, and we spent a lovely couple of hours recharging our batteries here.

Children are welcome (and there were some present) and were all quiet and well-behaved - but I would particularly recommend this place for adults. It's a lovely choice for a quiet romantic meal away from the hustle and bustle.

Date Submitted: 27-10-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> California Grill
In May 2012 we had the Dreams VIP Package here. The menu is based on the regular Tasting Menu but with some additions. Cocktails, wine and champagne are included in the price, as is access to the Founder's Bar for a balcony view of Dreams. The cost for the package is 199 Euros per person.

We started with cocktails in the beautiful Fantasia Bar. We had the Maestro, one of several cocktails created for the 20th anniversary. Besides being delicious, it looked sensational, with a fruit-filled half passionfruit. We were also brought a little tray of peanuts and tortilla chips, and tried hard not to eat too many as we didn't want to spoil our dinner.

We were told to arrive an hour before our dinner reservation time, so had lots of time to relax and enjoy our surroundings. After we'd finished our drinks and sat there a while, we decided to get a soft drink, and were surprised to find this was also included in the price. In fact we could have also had another cocktail if we had wanted one, but we were pacing ourselves!

Then we were taken through to the dining room to a table overlooking the castle, and our order was taken.

A selection of delicious breads and the first wine of the evening soon arrived, and then our 'Magical Appetisers'. These included foie gras, a preserved tomato dish and a little pyramid of asparagus puree that was a flavour sensation - hard to believe something so small and unassuming could be so good.

The next course was tempura of salmon. The salmon was thinly sliced with a crispy coating of tempura, and came with scrambled egg white, caviar and a red pepper coulis. The accompanying soy sauce sauce was salty and sharp, setting off the salmon beautifully. I think this was my favourite course, so delicate and tasty.

Our main course was half a lobster and a steak fillet; both full of flavour and beautifully cooked, and the vegetables were lovely too. This was accompanied by our second glass of wine - a different one this time.

Then came the cheese plate, not too big but absolutely perfect for a cheese fiend like me.

The final course was a 'parade of desserts' which was a plate of various delicate and delicious sweets. To go with this was a glass of sweet wine.

Neither of us are big drinkers, and a nice strong coffee would have been very welcome at this point! But there was no time. The staff had been hovering anxiously by the entrance, trying to will us to hurry up and finish, because it was now time for us to go up to the Founder's Bar.

We were escorted up in the lift which is usually for Castle Club guests only, and ushered into the bar where we were given a glass of champagne. We got out onto the balcony just as Dreams was about to start.

Dreams was magical, and although the view was not near enough to see all the details, the view of the laser effects was superb. Standing on a balcony for two, drinking champagne (even on a cold, dark and rainy night) was a magical way to end a day.

After Dreams we were given a plate of petits fours - delicate little cakes. We didn't have a spare millimetre of space for them so asked if we could have a box to take them home - but they couldn't provide one, so we left them.

An amazing evening, and worth every Euro!

Date Submitted: 02-02-2013Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Inventions
Breakfast at the Disneyland Hotel is open to all, whether or not you are staying there (although hotel guests get priority in the queue).

It costs 14 Euros per person, and has hot and cold options.

Your server takes your order for any hot drinks, and then you help yourself to juices if you wish.

Hot options include sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes and waffles.

Cold options include several types of cold meats and cheeses, breads, jams and other spreads. There are also cereals, fruit and yoghurt.

Shareholder club members get a discount of 15% on the price, which makes it excellent value for what you get. UPDATE - as above, I don't think it is excellent value at the new price!

While the breakfast is not a character breakfast, characters do appear in the lobby outside the restaurant during the morning, so you can queue to meet them before or after your meal if you like.

We had an excellent breakfast here which made for a very relaxed start to the day. We weren't hungry again until evening!

Date Submitted: 02-02-2013Page: Restaurants & Menus -> King Ludwig's Castle
We loved the theming, very elaborate and fun. The German 1970s drinking music can get a bit of a strain!

The food was ... OK. Not bad, but a bit dull, and for the price we paid, not up to the same quality as some of the other restaurants.

My brochette was nicely cooked but didn't have much flavour, and Peter's pretzelburger was swamped with sauerkraut.

My Ben & Jerry's sundae was fine, but all over Germany you find the excellent Swiss ice-cream of Movenpick, and I would have loved to see them use this brand instead.

Peter's apple strudel with vanilla sauce was fine.

Perhaps it is because we have had this kind of food in Germany itself for a lot less - and done a lot better. But although there was nothing to complain about, we didn't feel we got our money's worth here.

Date Submitted: 06-10-2013Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Disney Blockbuster Café
The Studios has few dining options, so it's a surprise that this place is so quiet. Perhaps because it is tucked away opposite Rock'n'Rollercoaster?

When we visited (September 2013) most of the restaurant was themed around High School Musical - and since the space is reminiscent of a school canteen, that suited it quite well. There is a separate seating area themed around Pirates of Caribbean.

However, as of October 2013 the HSM theming is changing to Iron Man - the first sign of something overtly Marvel (other than merchandise) in the Paris parks.

So, what about the food? Well, we were here for one reason: the croque monsieur. If you have had one from Market House Deli, these are the same. It's a French classic - ham and cheese sandwich with a creamy béchamel sauce inside.

As ever, the French love their set menus, and for 11.99 we got a croque monsieur, a packet of crisps, dessert and a soft drink. The same deal can be done with most of the food here (apart from ice cream).

My only gripe is that because of the 'pick up your food then pay' system, the food wasn't that hot by the time we sat down. It would be better if they had the 'order, pay, then pick up' system of most of the CS places.

Nevertheless our croque monsieur was tasty and good. Peter had the cheesecake with red fruit coulis (in a separate pot to pour on - useful if you have children who like things plain!) I had the dessert of the day, which was a green and cream mousse with candied fruits on top.

A great place for a relatively inexpensive lunch. But don't tell everyone...

Date Submitted: 06-10-2013Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Agrabah Café
The theming of this place is fantastic. It is of course themed around an Aladdin-style marketplace, and offers middle Eastern style food.

There are plentiful supplies of starters - fresh salads, couscous, olives, chickpeas and so on. I could have happily made a meal of these.

The main courses have more variety than you might think. As well as fish, lamb and chicken in various sauces, there is shredded kebab meat with pittas, veg and sauces so you can make your own kebabs; also merguez sausage, meatballs, vegetable dishes, rice and so on. However, when we visited (5.45 pm) the hot food wasn't hot. In fact it was almost cold. I suspect this is partly because of the time we went, and it would be better at lunchtime. Shame, because the quality of the food is good.

The desserts are pretty good. There's fresh fruit salad, and also whole fresh fruit, but also a huge tray of sticky baklava, some spiced ginger cake, saffron biscuits, pistachio and chocolate cake, and a lovely plum tart. There is a separate station with pancakes and bottles of caramel, chocolate and strawberry sauces. I think there may have been ice cream also but we didn't have room!

My favourite part of the dessert offerings was the fresh-tasting chocolate sauce which I poured over my fruit salad. I don't know if perhaps they use crème fraiche in this rather than cream? It wasn't too sweet but absolutely luxurious. A real must if you go there.

We finished our meal with a coffee for Peter and a Moroccan mint tea for me. These are not included in the buffet price, so we needed to pay afterwards for these. It's worth noting that a soft drink is included in the price of the buffet, though.

The mint tea was served in a lovely silver teapot (use your napkin for the handle and keep little fingers away, it gets hot!) and a ruby-red and gold glass. It was sweet and spiced, a good way to finish the meal. Peter's coffee turned out to be an espresso - you need to specify cappuccino or café au lait if you don't want this!

A final tip: do leave yourself plenty of time for your food to go down. I found it rather heavy on my stomach for the rest of the day, and was only grateful I wasn't going on Space Mountain afterwards...

All in all, a good place, and I would go again, probably at lunchtime. Good for veggies and anyone craving fresh veg and fruit particularly.

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