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Date Submitted: 17-03-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Buffalo Bills Wild West Show
This is not a cheap night out, and the food is not top quality, but it is certainly edible and tasty, if you like BBQ/tex-mex style food. I have been to this show 5 times now, 3 times as a teen, twice as an adult, and of those times, only 1 has featured Mickey & Co, and I have enjoyed each time equally. It's definitely not something you do once and never do again.

The atmosphere is great and during the competition section, it's very hard to not feel part of a team! I also love eating out of a frying pan! Would definitely recommend for all ages!

They sometimes do special offers during quiet periods. These offers are sometimes also available whilst at DLP!

Date Submitted: 17-03-2012Page: Accommodation -> Hotel Cheyenne
I visited DLP many times as a child and was lucky enough to stay at Disneyland Hotel. Now I'm an adult, paying for myself, so the DLH is not an option. We are instead experiencing the cheaper hotels. We stayed at Santa Fe in 2008 and I was expecting a similar experience at the Cheyenne but I couldn't have been more wrong. The Cheyenne is leaps and bounds ahead of its neighbour despite the nominal price difference. The theming is just fantastic, especially for kids, and the rooms are very comfortable. It's definitely not worth getting the park bus unless it's raining, as the parks are only a 15 minute walk away through the Village. I would not hesitate to stay in the Cheyenne again!

Date Submitted: 17-03-2012Page: Disney Restaurant Pages -> Biergarten Restaurant
We didn't book ADRs before our trip in 2007. DDP was new then and I hadn't anticipated or known about the need for ADRs (didn't know about The Dibb then!). Therefore, our options for evening TS meals were limited, and we decided to give the Biergarten a go. On paper, it looked great, but our experience was sadly not. We did not really enjoy the food, and I think the whole experience was wasted on us as the family we were seated with did not want to party so it put a dampner on it! It's very popular here on the Dibb, but for us, we won't be returning.

Date Submitted: 17-03-2012Page: Dinner Shows -> Mickey's Backyard BBQ
We (3 adults) visited here in 2007 as we wanted to experience some character interaction without massive crowds. The food also appealed. We really enjoyed the food as we love tex-mex/BBQ style food, however, since we did not have children, the 'event' was not as enjoyable as we'd hoped. It is very much orientated around children dancing with characters. Towards the end of the party though, a lot of families with children left, but the characters were still wandering around, so we got our photo time then which was great! However, in future, if we were looking for a dinner show in WDW, we'd give Hoop De Doo a try. Great for kids, but not so much for adults.

Date Submitted: 17-03-2012Page: Restaurants & Menus -> Cafe Mickey
We were unfortunately a little disappointed with our experience at Cafe Mickey. We had not long arrived in DLP and were excited for our trip, but we were sat at a table right near the entrance, so it was very cold, our waiter was very rushed, our food came out cold, and our bill arrived before we'd even decided if we wanted dessert! Because we were rushed, we didn't get much character time. It was the most expensive meal of our trip, and I don't think we'd return again for dinner. Breakfast, on a previous trip however, was great, and I'd definitely just pay the supplement for breakfast in future, and have dinner elsewhere!

Date Submitted: 17-03-2012Page: SeaWorld -> Manta
What a ride! We had Quick Queue so didn't get to experience the queue area but the ride itself was great! The first 'whoosh' up when the ride begins is just fantastic! This is definitely one of our favourite rides in Florida, and while the ride system is similar to Air in Alton Towers, the ride experience itself is entirely different! Would recommend to any coaster fan!

Date Submitted: 17-03-2012Page: SeaWorld -> Sea Lion High: The New Class
This is one of my favourite shows at Seaworld. Arrive early, you don't want to miss the mime artist! The whole show is hilarious and working with animals of course means that things go wrong which adds to the entertainment! Not to be missed!

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