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Date Submitted: 23-09-2010Page: Aquatica -> Aquatica Water Park
Hello there,

On my recent trip to Orlando, Aquatica was top of our list to do, as when we last went it was being built. From what we had seen on the TV and online, it looked amazing and looked like it could knock the Disney parks out of the water (excuse the pun).

However, before we had even got in the park we were disappointed. We were expecting (stupidly) to not have to pay for parking just like the Disney parks. Well, how wrong we were. It cost us something like $16, much more expensive than parking for a Disney Theme park !

I must admit that our whole experience when inside the park wasnt all that bad in the end, but after all the hype that had been built up, it was a bit of a let down. One example of this is the slide that goes through the Commerson Dolphin exhibit. Having got there extremely early, my brother and I were the first people to ride it that day. We had already checked to see if the dolphins were swimming in the enclosure, and sure enough they were. "Great", we thought. However, we were soon to be disappointed again. The majority of the slide is spent in the dark, when suddenly you are thrust into the clear tube going through the Dolphin exhibit. By the time our eyes had adjusted to the sudden light change, we were already in the splash pool. So, we tried again, but this time, the light adjustment wasnt a problem...It was in fact the speed we were going at. As we hit the clear part through the Dolphins, our speed was too great to see anything except a few blurs here and there.

Unfortunately, I do feel that Aquatica is an upgraded version of Wet 'n' Wild. It does have a few great attractions like the mat racers, which actually time your run down, unlike Blizzard Beach ! And, the food is to die for there, my favourite being the Cheesesteak Sandwich.

Overall, I would give Aquatica 4/10. If you are going to do it, only do it once, and arrive early as by 1pm, the park is usually at maximum capacity and cars are being turned away from the entrance.


Date Submitted: 08-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Tom Sawyer Island
Tom Sawyer Island has to be Magic Kingdom's hidden gem! I had been to Magic Kingdom 3 times before my last trip, yet I had never discovered it. On my last trip however, I saw the rafts and thought "Where do they go?". So, I hopped on one, and wow!

Tom Sawyer Island is like a miniature park in itself. Ok, there aren't any rollercoasters, but it is a great place to get away from the crowds of Magic Kingdom. I think I spent an hour on this island taking a nice, relaxing walk in the shade, walking around the fort, through the tunnels and over the floating barrel bridge!

This is a great little island, and a great place to relax when it all gets a bit too much

Date Submitted: 01-04-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
Definitely worth checking out!

My family and I (all above 20 years!), decided that as it was extremely hot, we would duck inside here and have a rest. We thought it would be very child orientated, but we did however find ourselves laughing along.

I myself was picked to play the part of Randall and "disappear" every now and then! It's a genuinely fun attraction, and I recommend it highly for all the family!

Date Submitted: 01-04-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is a great example of Disney ingenuity. It takes a couple of characters from the popular Toy Story movies and creates a completely interactive attraction that is challenging enough to be enjoyed on multiple visits to Disney World. You'll quickly become hooked.
The ride is fun for all ages, and it has no height restriction. I've been surprised at just how quickly adults get addicted to it and want to ride it again to improve their score. Everyone has a smile on their face when they leave.

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