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Date Submitted: 19-08-2013Page: 192 Area Dining -> Bahama Breeze
We opted for Bahama Breeze (Vineland avenue) and I do love BahamaBreeze! We didn?t actually eat there much this time as Scott didn?t fancy Ribs towards the end but I love it.
We waited about 10 mins and were seated by the window which was nice, Had a lovely server too.
We both had a rack of baby back ribs with fries and a sprite. I also had a breeze salad which was delish!
I asked whether they sold the vinegarette in a bottle and the lady wasn?t sure so went and asked, they didn?t but instead she filled up one of their takeaway soup bowls and charged me $2 for it. It was lush and I dipped a bit of French stick in it but never ate all of it.
You know you can buy like the flavour sauces from nandos etc I kinda wanted it to be like that so I could take it home but it was nice all the same.

The bill came to $57.24

Date Submitted: 19-08-2013Page: 192 Area Dining -> Longhorn Steakhouse
We had to wait about 20 mins but were seated near the bar in a nice booth and were served by the Funniest man.

We both had sprite to drink and served the most amazing wheat bread for free =]

Scott chose the Outlaw 18.oz Ribeye $21.99 A recommendation by the waiter who said it was his personal favourite. With Double Fries
And I Had the Cowboy Pork Chops $15.49. With A Salad which was Lush!

Funny things our waiter said.
- He brought me Ketchup before our meals even arrived and literally put it on the table, looked at me and said ?Because you are British? gave me a wink and off he went.
Anyone that knows me will know I have to have ketchup with everything, occasionally even a roast =S
- He told me to just pick my chops up, forget about cutting them up, after all no one knew me here and he would only think a little less of me
- Coming round half way through and encouraging us to keep eating as if we were on man V Food
- Asked where the restrooms were he said ?You making some more room darling?

Very funny and he got a good tip out of it as we both just loved him, His name was Christopher and would have been our ?Babe of the Day? if we were Libby&Benj =P

Scott also had a key lime pie too wish was very nice apparently, I was far too stuffed!

Total Meal was $50.78 Which was so worth it, especially as we both had huge portions.

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