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Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> It's a Small World
Although this is a truely irritating ride, I don't think you can't not go on it on a visit to the Magic Kingdom! I have to drag on everybody else, as nobody seems as keen as me ... Hmm! It is a don't miss attraction, and provides somewhere to sit and that is cool when the sun is at its peak.

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Magic Kingdom Theme Park
If you have to visit only one Disney Park this is it, it has something for everybody- from babies to seniors and parents to teens. What's more is the park has some of the best theming on the Disney property; somewhere you are completely immersed in the magic. To make the most of the park and see everything there is 2 days is needed, but if you just want a taste 1 day is enough.

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Wishes
Wishes is the best firework display that Disney do, it is truely magical. Whilst the best views need a good stakeout the fireworks can been seen from most places in Main Street, without a long wait. The entire show is just fantastic and definitely should not be missed.

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Pirates of the Caribbean
This is one of our favourite dark rides, especially for kids who want to try something a little bigger than just IASW, as this has a couple of very small drops. The theming is brilliant and the queue is never too long. Worth the wait and a trip to the Magic Kingdom is not complete without it.

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Splash Mountain
A ride we always look forward to when going to MK. Although it is a bit lengthy and you are left thinking "is the drop coming up yet?!" It is worth it, make sure you utilise the FP though at peak times! I have never got drenched on this ride, but I have seen plenty of people come off wet!

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
BTM is a true classic and even if you are a fan of the bigger coasters this is a must. It is also great for those who are of the faint hearted, so you can get in on the action too! Although the DLP version is better with the underground aspect the Floridian version is still top notch. The only down side to this ride is the annoying loud clanking noises ... but it is all part of the Wild West theme I guess

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> The Haunted Mansion
Possibly the best ghost train in the world! The attention to detail on this ride is fab, firstly getting into the lift, and then climbing aboard the doom buggy. The CM are completely in character and definitely make you feel like you're in a haunted mansion! This ride can be unnerving for some kids though, so if you're worried ride first and check it out to see if they will be okay.

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Peter Pan's Flight
Again, another Disney classic! But make sure to either ride early morning or grab a FP as the queues can get really long, and for a 3 minute ride not worth the hour + queue it can get! Really great for kids as it is not just the traditional dark ride, but instead the suspended ships give a totally different experience.

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
A fantastic whimsical ride! There are some great surprises through the ride, including a section where you the riders get to bounce with Tigger! The new interactive queuing area makes the wait more pleasant but it can still produce rather lengthy waits. The smell of honey when you leave the ride is a pleasant surprise too

Date Submitted: 27-03-2012Page: Magic Kingdom -> Space Mountain
The best "thrill" ride in the whole of MK. The unique seating arrangement for the ride makes the experience totally different from most coasters. If you are uneasy about coastes then this, along with BTM, are the ones for you.

Date Submitted: 06-04-2012Page: Epcot -> Spaceship Earth
Definitely one of our favourites, not only in Epcot, but the whole of Disney World. A relaxing ride to rest your legs and escape the heat as well as learn some history too!

Date Submitted: 06-04-2012Page: Epcot -> Test Track Presented by Chevrolet
Test Track is a true classic and a must do for any visit to Epcot. Although I don't think it is worth some of the very long queues it gets, using FP can eliminate a long wait. There are some good surprises along the way too!

Date Submitted: 06-04-2012Page: Epcot -> Soarin' Around the World
This ride is for everyone, it is not intense and even those with a fear of heights are fine on this ride. I'd heard some bad reviews of the ride but I went on with an open mind and I thought it was fantastic! A trip to Epcot wouldn't be complete without a ride on Soarin'

Date Submitted: 06-04-2012Page: Epcot -> Mission: SPACE
I rode this for the first time when I was about 14 and I was fine, but then I went on again and it all seemed much worse- I think it was because I knew how intense the ride was. Although there are loads of people that can handle the ride many can't and they feel sick for the whole day after. So if you're not sure don't ride, but if you are like me and want to try everything once but are unsure, ride at the end of the day!

Date Submitted: 06-04-2012Page: Hollywood Studios -> Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
The best thrill ride on the WDW property! The launch is immense and the ride itself is amazing. It is worth the wait and the soundtrack just adds to the experience.

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