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Arrow *How many new things can we do this time?* March 2017 - DAY 5 LAZY MORNING & MK

Day 5

Today was a much slower paced day. We needed it to be honest having been on the go so much since Day 1.

We had a much needed lay in and woke up about 9am. We’d also got to that point where we really did need to do some washing so we decided to walk down to the laundry room by the Congress Park Pool.

I didn’t make any notes here but I don’t remember having to pay for using the machines but we did use my debit card to buy some washing powder which was a bit of a pain.

Once that was loaded we decided to wander over to Disney Springs for some breakfast and wound up at Wolfgang Puck.

Again I haven’t noted down what we had (I must of really been on a go slow today!) but I have written “average at best”. So clearly we didn’t think much of the food.

Another sign I clearly didn’t eat much is that we wandered through Goofy Candy Co, and I got my first Mickey Marshmallow Pop! I actually loved it.

Hence the photo!

I ate this as we wandered back to SS and we stopped by the laundry room to put our clothes in the dryer. Popped up to our room and collected our re-fill mugs and then walked over to The Springs section. For the first time we noticed some outside games set up with a few games tables so we decided to stop and play some table tennis… and we discovered we are really really bad at it!

Having hit the ball everywhere but on the actual table we gave up and wandered back to collect our washing, dumped it all in the room before heading back out to the bus stop and headed to Magic Kingdom.

Once we arrived we grabbed a photopass in front of the station which has now re-opened. If you check our MK photos from earlier in the trip you’ll see the train station actually had a faux front on it while the made some changes. So it went from The Magic Kingdom to just Magic Kingdom. (Fun Fact for you all there!)

We had a FP booked now for Space Mountain so headed over there first. MK was VERY busy. Everywhere.

Dave properly thought he knew where the camera was - shame we were on the opposite track!

Once we came out of here we headed across from Tomorrowland to the Hub and then round towards Liberty Square as the parade was just about to start. We managed to get a spot next to a tree outside the Diamond Horseshoe. Bad move Sophie. I got bitten alive!

While we were there waiting a group came up to the side of us with 2 children in wheelchairs, all of the group had ‘Make a Wish’ foundation t-shirts on. Dave and I made an effort to move across as far as we could and make room for them. They were then directly behind the family sitting on the curb in front. You can guess where this is going can’t you… yep… JUST as we heard the parade coming the family in front stood up! One of the carers of the Make a Wish group leant forward and said something to them but they turned around, looked at the children in wheelchairs, and just turned back around again! SO rude! Luckily, a really nice family just next to them saw what happened and they all stood up and moved back so the children could see. Such a nice gesture from them. What made me even more angry after watching that other family was then during the parade 3 of them (grown men) were stood scrolling through various social media app’s instead of watching the parade anyway!

Anyway as the parade came round I found it hard to not be angry anymore and enjoy the music, but then watching Dave bob his head along to the song just made me smile.

Once the parade had passed we ducked into Peco Bills just to see what the food they served there was. We both thought the menu looked good so we took a risk. Oh my god were we glad we took that risk. I can honestly say it was the best quick service we’d had in a loooong time. We were both so blown away how good it tasted. New favourite eatery for MK, Found!

Our FP slot for Splash Mountain had now opened up so we headed on over there. I really do love this ride now. When I was little the animatronics freaked me out so much, especially the ravens just as you’re about to go down the big drop! And we were on a boat with a Latin American family who were so funny. They were really building up the excitement and anticipation with the kids so when the time came for the photo, we helped make sure they didn’t get a rubbish one!

When we unloaded we walked past the photo screens and saw the family point at us copying their pose and we heard them say “they’re so cool for doing that!” – made us smile.

We didn’t get all that wet but did get splashed. Our FP was also now open for BTM but en-route we spotted a photopass we haven’t seen before so stopped and had a couple of photos done. I actually really liked these photos but it is a shame it was on the main walkway so you couldn’t really avoid having people behind you I guess.

We loved BTM as much as ever, I really do feel like it goes quicker and smoother these days!

I had a quick look on MDE to see what FP we could snag and we managed to get one for Tomorrowland Speedway. So we decided to walk over via Aladdin and see if we could grab a quick ride on the carpets. However, this was not to be. The wait was 35 mins!

So we bypassed that and headed on. We got into our car really quickly with the FP and I stupidly allowed Dave to drive. My god. It’s like his driving back home but worse. I swear I was bumped about more than your average English bumper cars! Hence the photos…

As we were in the area it’d be rude not to grab a ride on the TTA. Dave only likes this because he can sit and close his eyes, whereas I actually like the ride and watching everything from above!

While we were on here I had another look at MDE for FP and one came up for Dumbo! So we thought, well why not! I haven’t been on Dumbo since my very first trip aged 2 years old!

We didn’t see much of the que line as we were FP but I thought the inclusion of the kids play area was actually a really good idea! We chose our elephant and up up and away! The sun was just beginning to go down so I was trying so hard to get nice photos, I even gave my phone to Dave to try, instead, he took a selfie video of himself laughing… great!

Once we were safely back down on the ground we checked MDE again but no more FP’s were up for grabs and the wait times were so long! With that in mind we decided we were done here for the day and headed back down Main Street, stopping for LOADS of photos on the way back out.

Including these ones in front of a lit up empty train station!

We got back to SSR and decided to have cocktails and a dip in the hot tub. So we quickly changed in our room and headed to the bar next to the Turf Club and ordered a Mojito for Dave and a Strawberry Daiquiri for me. Scrap that, we actually ordered 2 each to save us walking back again.

But then shock horror, we discovered the main Springs pool was closed! Damn! So instead we walked carefully with our drinks back to Congress Park and to the quiet pool there. Well, that was famous last words!

The pool itself was empty, we grabbed a table with a couple of chairs round the back because the hot tub was absolutely over run with American Teens! Dave and I sat there for a while watching them, there were 16 of them, male and female, all in the hot tub, music blaring from a speaker, drinking bottles of beer. Not one of them looked over 18 let alone 21! Then we realised not one of them was wearing a magic band. Fairly odd. And then even more so we realised they had cooler boxes and bags with clothes in. Very odd.

45 minutes later and we still had no chance of getting anywhere near the hot tub. So we admitted defeat and headed up to the room. But I was still pretty angry. So, I used our in room phone and rang the front desk. They said they would send someone out to take a look. So we stood on our balcony and watched as 2 Disney Security pulled up on a golf buggy and went over to chat to the teens. I watched for quite a while but gave up in the end and we settled down for bed. Only then for our in room phone to ring. Front desk rang to apologise for what had happened. It turned out none of them were Disney resort guests! That in fact they have been having an issue with Congress Park section because it is closest to Disney Springs, local kids are driving to the Springs, parking up and walking across and into the pool area! Especially late at night like tonight!

It was at this point we decided we really didn’t like Congress Park and really would rather have been at the Grandstand section like our previous 3 times where we never had any issues.

Anyway, with the day ending on a bit of a sour note but tomorrow more than makes up for that!



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