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Unread 9 Sep 19, 07:49 PM  
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Toddler Trials take on DLP June 2019 - Day 5 Home time!

Toddler Trials take on DLP! June 2019 - Day 5
Friday 14th June

It was time to go home after a brilliant week . I thought we could sneak in an hour or so in the park though! We went down to breakfast for 7:30. There didnt seem to be any conferences on so breakfast was lovely and quiet this morning.

Sleepy girl

We walked round the lake and were in Disneyland Park for 8:20. It was a gorgeous morning.

We made our way to the Discoveryland entrance for one last ride on Buzz. One of the waiting Cast Members heard me say something to Libby and wandered over to let me know that unfortunately Buzz was having a lie in this morning. Uh ohhhh .

We decided to make the most of being in the park, distract Libby from the fact we couldn't go on Buzz and be those crazy people who run to the Princess Pavilion . I had thought about doing this before but had decided just to leave it and go on Buzz a couple of times since she wasn't that into Princesses anyway. It seems the universe was telling me otherwise this morning though, we were going for it!

We walked over to where people were being held for Fantasyland. It wasnt that busy, maybe only 20 people waiting but it was clear which of them were ready to run!

These 2 Dads were serious but had nothing on Gary

As soon as they let us through, Gary sprinted ahead with the buggy to park it up. I ran behind with Libby. She was a bit confused at what was happening and running while carrying her nearly killed me (no joke ) but Gary got there and we were 3rd in the queue .

Because it was a last minute decision I didnt have a princess dress with me (Id packed a Cinderella one) but the sign said Ariel so I wasnt too bothered. She was almost speechless when we went it, it was very cute and they had a little chat. Im not sure how many years you get of your children truly 100% believing the real characters are right there in front of them but its pure magic, I had tears in my eyes!

When we came out, the sign already said 60 minutes. It was a bit nuts running but all good fun .

We aren't runners, absolutely done in!

We headed on to the Carousel (Gary and I needed to sit down!).

After the carousel, I had one last go at pulling the sword out of the stone but no luck.

We went to Discoveryland to see if Buzz had woken up yet. He hadnt and Hyperspace Mountain was shut too. Gary wanted to go on Star Tours so I took Libby on Orbitron.

She ran around while we waited on Daddy

After that, we decided to head back to the hotel . We walked out of the park at 9:30, just as they were doing the countdown to let the public in at 9:30. We stopped in a shop in the village for last minute souvenirs and Libby picked a Remy plush. We also stopped by Earl of Sandwich to grab some lunch to take to the airport. Back at the hotel, we picked up our bags from the room and headed to reception.

Prestige Transfers were there right on time to pick us up at 11am. It was another clean minibus with a 5 point harness car seat. He had a drop down TV and Libby got to choose a Disney movie to watch. He asked if he could give her a lolly and I said yes so we had the most chilled transfer ever, as she watched Moana enjoying her lolly!

Bye bye Newport Bay

Airport bag drop was buuuuuusy, pretty sure this was the longest queue we stood in all week ! They were pulling people from the queue for certain flights so they didnt miss them. Libby fussed quite a but so we gave her lunch while we queued. We dropped off the bags and were given a priority ticket to skip the security/boarding queues and the man said we had a 30 minute delay.

We went through security and found a little corner. I went and bought some macaroons and juice and ate my EOS. Gary saved his for later and Libby had some Pringles. Id bought 2 of the little tub of them since they occupied her so well on the flight out!

Gary bought some wine in Duty Free after trying it in Cape Cod

We went for a nappy change and walked through to our gate. Gary took Libby a walk while I sat down with the luggage, I was shattered .

Our half hour delay turned into an hour by the time we got on the plane. The Captain said it was due to the strike at Glasgow airport. They then said we didnt have a take-off slot until 3.55 so would be sitting on the plane for another 55 minutes before moving .

This wasnt what we wanted to hear! 15 minutes later we had a slot, phewwww.

Libby watched Peppa on the iPad with some Pringles and spontaneously fell asleep leaning on me!

She stayed asleep through landing just before 4 and woke when I lifted her to get off the plane. She was a bit grouchy, she doesnt like being woken up. We got straight through passport control and waited on our luggage for 20 minutes. Wed parked in an off site car park but got straight on a bus and were back at our car in less than 10 minutes, so an easy journey home.

So thats it, 5 days trip report done! We had a brilliant week for Libbys first Disney trip and our first proper go at Disneyland Paris. It exceeded my expectations and we have amazing memories of her little face lighting up at so many things .

I got this made before we went as our autograph book and absolutely love it

For those of you wondering, whats next? Well, Im the big 3-0 in 2021 and theres only one place I want to go to celebrate Weve roped my parents in (theyre absolutely buzzing and required virtually no persuasion) and the current plan is 2 weeks in Orlando in May 2021. I'll definitely be pre-trip and trip reporting.

Thanks for reading along . I still read our honeymoon and Canada trip reports every so often so Im glad Ive done this one too! xx
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Disneyland Paris
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Unread 10 Sep 19, 01:04 PM  
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Great report - thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your Orlando one already! We may see you over there as we are off for 2021 as well though still trying to decide on when

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DLP - its been a while!
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Unread 10 Sep 19, 01:45 PM  
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Such a fantastic trip, so happy you loved DLP so much... it truly is the perfect first Disney holiday for little ones!

The photos of Libby with Aerial made me well up, such magical memories that will last a lifetime!

And I am very excited to hear a WDW is in the planning!
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Charlie's First WDW Adventure
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Unread 12 Sep 19, 02:49 AM  
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Lovely. The Dad dash takes me back to pre magic band days and the rush for Toy Story mania fast passes.
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