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Unread 16 Jan 20, 12:26 PM  
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16th Jan Update:

And its a major update as now all fights and accommodation is booked. With still 9 months to go, it feels real when you start laying out deposits.

So the itinerary is now:

23rd Oct - Heathrow Hotel (still to be booked)
24th Oct - the 10:05 American Airlines to LAX
24th Oct - Car collect from Budget (part of flydrive with BA)
24th Oct - Airbnb booked just outside of Universal Studios
29th Oct - Homeaway booked 2 nights a beach house in malibu. Literally in the beach.
31st Oct - Expedia condo next door to disneyland
4th- Nov - 21:05 BA Home to heathrow

Costs thus far (4 adults effectively, now)
Flydrive with a F group car 1792 (very happy with that - but no seats booked)
5 Nights AirBnb in LA - 1377. Its 2 bed 2 bath place with full kitchen facilities and free parking and its only 15 mins walk to Universal Studios.
2 Nights Homeaway in Malibu - 1195 for two nights through homeaway (I know I know...but it is my 50th) The place is stunning.
4 nights Expedia in Anneheim - 993 again full kitchen facilities, pools, free parking and separate beds for the girls.

So that's a total of 5,357

Obviously Disney tickets will be in the region of 900, I have booked universal at 316 on the two days for one deal and we will definitely do warner bros and some LA tour so thats probably another 500 or so on tickets for things. So i have a budget for all those.

So a running total in the region of 7000

It's expensive and can be done a lot cheaper, but we really value our space and the girls now at their ages just cannot sleep in a double together. Also, we will save a huge amount by not eating out much. We will do packed lunches and will cook most nights and drink wine rather then go out and spend so there is a balance there when you can easily spend $150+ a day on food with a family of 4.

Our spending bill will be comparatively low.

so there you have it. The plan thus far. All that is not set in stone now is what we will do in LA apart from two days in Universal and the WB Tour. The rest is flexible and i daresay we will do the Observatory, WOF and the sign.

be rude not to...although my theme park mad family keep talking about six flags...

To be continued.
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Unread 7 Feb 20, 04:08 PM  
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I dont think your costs are to high, California is always much more expensive we find than Florida especially when it comes to food costs and eating out.

Looking good will definitely be following along 😊
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