Walt Disney World and Florida Trip Reports
He did a thing - June 19 - Day 7 - Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Boardwalk

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    18 Sep 19, 12:52 PM
    Disney Dreaming :)
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  • Sorry for the delay in getting this posted! It's a long one with lots of photos, so enjoy!

    Day 6 is here.

    Monday 17th June

    Ugh so we were getting horribly close to the end of our holiday already. Since this was a last minute trip, we were only saying for 9 nights. It was flying past far too quickly, but not to worry! We still had 2 full days to enjoy!

    Today I woke up alone as Chris had left at 6.30 for golf. He had an 8am tee time at Hawks Landing. I got out of bed at 7am and decided to sort through all the kids clothes that I had bought and pack them away. Spoilt buggers hahahaha! I then got ready for the day and decided to wear a new purchase.

    By 8am I was ready. I headed downstairs to grab my daily tea fix from Fuel and then went outside to request an Uber. I chatted to a Canadian girl called Victoria while I waited for my Uber. Turns out she had just done the exact same with her tea as I had done yesterday! That explained the big puddle then! Hahaha! If you take anything away from this TR, let it be to NOT to rest a drink on the benches outside the Dolphin

    My Uber driver, Felix, arrived a few minutes later and I was on my Tonga Toast mission! At 8.50am I had arrived at Disney's Polynesian resort. I love this resort so much. It's so beautiful and holds a special place in my heart as Chris and I got engaged here

    I made a beeline for Captain Cooks.

    And wasted no time in ordering the goods, before grabbing a seat outside. Breakfast goals.

    I present to you, Tonga Toast (with a side of bacon, obvs).

    For anyone who doesn’t know, Tonga Toast is banana-stuffed sourdough bread, battered and deep-fried, then dusted with cinnamon sugar. And I am here to tell you that it is DELICIOUS. Absolute perfection. I finished every last morsel. With a cup of tea, this cost $10.13. I think I'd pay $20 for it though

    I had a quick look in the gift shop, before heading up to get the Monorail to Magic Kingdom

    Dolphin in the distance!

    Gotta love the feeling of walking down this ramp…..

    I am still so happy that security isn’t in this area now, it makes entry to the park so much nicer.

    When I stepped onto Main Street I was very happy to see the Main St Trolley Show was in full swing! I have never managed to catch this properly, so I stayed put to watch. It was so fun. It gave me all the Disney feels!

    There was lots of skirt twirling going on, which I was quite envious of

    I just loved it

    Mary Poppins was in one of the Main St Vehicles, but I was too slow to get a pic!

    I then stopped for a Photo Pass. Cristin from Tennessee was the CM and she was so lovely.

    Shiny head alert!

    Some more pics from around Main St…..

    Continued in next post

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    Nashville - 3rd time :)
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    18 Sep 19, 12:52 PM
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  • Continued from previous post

    I then went down to the hub.

    I love this photo

    Tomorrowland was my next destination. Photos were taken en route of course.

    The Peoplemover was a (near) walk on, so off I went for a whizz round on that!

    Tron roller-coaster is coming along!

    After that I noticed that Monsters Inc! Laugh Floor was a 5 minute wait, so in I went. I was praying that I wouldn’t get picked on!

    Mike's wee door

    While I was waiting for the show to start, Chris text me a photo of an alligator he saw on the golf course!

    Soon enough the show started. I LOVED it. It's really so funny and clever. I hadn’t seen it in a good few years and I honestly don’t know why we don’t go every year? Maybe the fear of being "that guy" hahaha!

    Carousel of Progress was up next! I asked the CM how he was doing and he said "awesome, now that I found my conscience" in a reference to my top hahaha!

    I hear this is getting a long overdue update soon! Will be good to see that!

    I started to make my way round to Liberty Square next, but was distracted by the celebration parade. It was very cute.

    I was in need of a snack by now, so I continued to Liberty Square to see what was on offer at the wee market there.

    I was gutted that my favourite angle of the castle was under construction. But hey, once in 11 trips isn’t too bad a ratio eh?

    I grabbed myself a bottle of water and a bag of lays. I obviously let the lays sit in the sun a while first cos you know…. hot lays.

    These big ass birds were everywhere, waiting to swoop. Their huge beaks were a little intimidating, not gonna lie! Back off birds, these are my hot lays!

    A wee stroll through Frontierland next.

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    Nashville - 3rd time :)
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    18 Sep 19, 12:53 PM
    Disney Dreaming :)
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  • Continued from previous post

    Look who I bumped into! Big Al of Country Bear Jamboree fame! Day made!

    He had lots of fans, but I managed to sneak a quick selfie #goals

    I somehow ended up back in Liberty Square as my next photos are of the Muppets show. I didn’t watch it all as I've seen it before, but it is cute. USA USA USA

    It was nearing lunch time now and I decided to call it a day and head back to meet Chris. The sky was getting super dark. More storms looming!

    On my way out I nipped into Main St Confectionary for a treat, settling on a Genie cake pop which was just delicious.

    I often wonder if anyone actually buys these big beasts?

    Bye, MK!

    It just started to rain as I got to the bus stop. I had a 15 minute wait (longest yet) before a S&D bus came and I disembarked at The Swan and walked over to The Dolphin.

    Chris had text me this picture to let me know where he was

    Chris was hungry after his golf, so we thought we would give The Fountain a bash.

    We were seated straight away and set about picking our food! It is just a basic diner type place, perfect for a little snack.

    I was very excited to have a cherry cola! Yum! Even more so due to the Hidden Mickey

    For food, I had ordered a portion of sweet potato fries and Chris went for a bowl of chilli with half onion rings and half fries! While we were waiting for our food we witnessed a child empty FOUR sachets of SUGAR into her FIZZY drink ! Have you ever seen the like?! Her parents just sat there, like nothing was happening. We were flabbergasted. She then stirred it, tasted it and added another TWO sachets. Unbelievable.

    Anyway, the shock of that soon wore off when we had our nice healthy lunch put down in front of us It was all very tasty and fresh. $32 in total.

    Oh, Chris really enjoyed his golf at Hawk's Landing. Here are some pics.

    We went back up the room where I realised the humidity had officially made my hair crazy! Chris said it resembled a fluffy cloud

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    18 Sep 19, 12:53 PM
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  • Continued from previous post

    We had a power nap until 3pm and then got ready for the evening. Our plan tonight was Animal Kingdom. We had a FastPass for FoP (woop) and I really wanted to see Pandora at night. The weather wasn’t looking that great, but hey, what can ya do?

    At the bus stop we laughed at this tree. It reminded us of Sid the Sloth from Ice Age hahahaha!

    We arrived at Animal Kingdom at 4.15pm and of course entered via Rainforest Café.

    Our FastPass window for Flight of Passage was already open, so we headed straight for Pandora

    I dunno why he always wants to get sprayed by these things hahaha!

    Flight of Passage time! Woop! Let's see if any of the eagle eyed viewers can guess what happened next…..

    We tapped in successfully (green lights) and continued along the queue. All the while remarking that the queue wasn’t how we remembered it. We then got to the second FP post and BLUE LIGHTS. Chris gives me the "the look". You know the look you get when you have f'd up? But I am thinking there is no way I have the time wrong, I double checked while we were at the bus stop! The CM then ever so politely informs us that we are actually in the Na'vi River queue. OMG MORTIFIED doesn’t cover it. I can't believe none of us realised that we had joined the wrong queue! I mean, how daft?!

    We quickly slinked out of the queue and hot footed it for FoP. I was totally stressing in case we wouldn’t get in given that the Na'vi River one had turned green, but thankfully we were granted access! Phew.

    Now, THIS is how we remember the queue!

    Happy to be heading on the right attraction

    Flight of Passage was even better than we remembered. It's just a bloody wonderful attraction with top notch technology. Bravo Disney! More of the same please!

    On the way out I could hear that the Pandora Ranger was out and I had been desperate to see him, but MY GOD, folk were moving sooooooo slow. Chris was totally laughing at me getting enraged. I'm all for stopping to smell the roses and taking it in, but not in a line of moving people! MOOOOOOOOOVE! My annoyance wasn’t helped by Chris, who had somehow found another way out and beat me to the end. Humph.

    Anyway, we still managed to catch some of the ranger and it was pretty cool!

    Time for food now and for the second time this trip, we opted to try somewhere new at AK! Satuli Canteen!

    The theming in here is, as you'd imagine, very good.

    We ordered our food and drinks (Chicken bowl with green onion sauce, cheeseburger pod, Dreamwalker Sangria and a Pandoran Sunrise) and I left Chris to wait for it as I was BURSTING for the loo. He was under strict instructions to photograph the food. He didn't fail me, seems he took his job very seriously!

    My drink was non-alcoholic and very lovely. Chris's was alcoholic and far too strong for me. He liked it though.

    As for the food, the noodles and chicken bowl was tasty enough. I mean, it was fine and a nice change, but I'd probably revert back to the normal fare next time. Chris said the cheeseburger pod was tasteless, so that was disappointing as I'd read rave reviews. I didn’t try it.

    Back out to Pandora for more photos. The beauty of this land can't be conveyed in a photo though, can it? Although, I do think this first photo looks like a painting

    Continued in next post

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    18 Sep 19, 12:53 PM
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  • Continued from previous post

    All the wee details everywhere are just incredible. You could spend hours looking at stuff.

    Spot the lizard! Also a hidden Mickey?

    Photo Passes happened next. And no, we still can't point at that damn banshee!

    Next I decided we were doing Its Tough to be a Bug!

    I love this show. It is SO nostalgic! So many screaming kids though hahaha! Poor wee things. When we took Jake in 2015 he was legit traumatised! Ooops!

    Chris was unimpressed with the butt sting as it got him good….

    We had a FastPass for Kali River Rapids next, but as we were walking round to Asia the heavens opened in a big big way! It was LASHING! We decided to seek shelter in the Yak & Yeti quick service bit. Since we were there Chris decided to grab some food!

    He got the honey chicken and it was good, but not spicy enough for him so he kept adding in sachets of sauce that he found nearby!

    The rain wasn’t letting up, so there was nothing to do but stand and wait. This is really the worst park to be in when in pours. I think it was probably about this time that we vowed never to return in June!

    After about 20 mins of standing there feeling extremely pee'd off, we decided to make a run for the nearest gift shop, buy ponchos and just soldier on. We ended up with some lovely (and overpriced - $15 each! ) Yak & Yeti ones.

    Be as well get even wetter then….

    The rapids were fun, but as always I feel they should be longer! The rain had eased off by now so it was on to our final Fast Pass of the day – Everest!

    Chris was clearly in need of a wee snooze…….

    Cocktails were had next from Thirsty River Bar.

    Mine looks like a strawberry daiquiri and Chris's was………something else! Haha!

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    18 Sep 19, 12:54 PM
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  • Continued from previous post

    I wanted to see Pandora after dark, so we headed that way to wait for the sun to go down. We stopped in by Nomad's Lounge for another drink on our way! I ordered a Leaping Lizard (Malibu Pineapple Rum and Augusta Cachaça with Orange, Passion Fruit, and Mango Juices) and Chris asked for a Dalang's Delight (Starr African Rum, Batavia-Arrack van Oosten, Vander Hum Tangerine Liqueur, Mountain Berry Tea, Simple Syrup, and Lemon Juice). The CM told Chris he should change his order as the liquor in that was horrible. Chris was adamant he wanted to try it though, so the CM said "tell you what, I'll let you taste the liquor on its own and see what you think". So he tasted it and………he liked it! Haha! I tasted it too and I have to agree with the CM, it was GROSS!

    The sun was starting to set now and the rain was off. Happy days!

    Still working on that god awful cocktail lol..

    Moss wall photos……

    Another Photo Pass….

    And then, as it does in Florida, it got dark really fast! Everything looked so lovely and it was REALLY dark there. The lighting is very subtle. Photo overload…

    Bioluminescent pathways……

    Neon husband…..

    So pretty. Little twinkly lights everywhere!

    This photo shows how dark it is. I really liked the atmosphere.

    Didn’t like these so much. Creepy AF!

    More details….

    I wanted to catch the new Lion King Tree of Life Awakening, so we headed for that. Chris stopped somewhere for a beer on the way and dropped a quarter when he got his change, but as it was dark he didn’t bother looking for it.

    The tree looked oh so beautiful all lit up!

    While we were waiting for the show to start, Chris found his lost quarter

    Anyway, the show was really lovely! I really enjoyed it

    Continued in next post

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    18 Sep 19, 12:54 PM
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  • Continued from previous post

    Our evening at Animal Kingdom had come to an end and, despite the weather threatening to ruin it, we had a lovely time We saw a bus waiting for The Boardwalk, so decided to jump on that and arrived at 10.04pm

    Must be snack o'clock, right?

    While I queued for a sweet treat, Chris went off in search of something savoury. He came back with nachos with jalapeño cheese sauce and a Mr Tractor beer!

    Meanwhile, I chose a strawberry cupcake!

    The Boardwalk, as always, was looking lovely.

    We fed some of Chris's nachos to the Boardwalk ducks

    We then walked back to our room where we enjoyed our snacks and then hit the sack!

    Thanks for reading

    Steps today - 21,850

    Join us for our last full day (sob) where Chris golfs again and I enjoy some solo time at Epcot, before we visit MK at night (obvs). It's here

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    18 Sep 19, 01:47 PM
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  • Right can you get tonga toast without the banana?! That is totally my kind of breakfast offering if they could just do away with the damn banana!

    Such a wonderful morning in Magic Kingdom with so many gorgeous photos... everything looked so bright and colourful! So lovely to have some solo time there

    Erm sugar in a fizzy drink?! What is this madness?!

    Sorry but have to laugh at you getting in the wrong queue in Pandora! (although I will learn from this and make sure I get in the right one when we are there!). So hoping we manage to get on FoP (still no FPs as yet), I really need to see it for myself after all the rave reviews!

    Bah rain in Animal Kingdom... what a surprise! Happy to see you grabbed ponchos and made the most of it!

    Loving all the food and drink stops today, that cocktail from Nomad's Lounge sounded delicious! (ETA your one, not Chris'!)

    Such an all-round fab day! Loved it all! (Especially Chris' pink shorts, glad they made another appearance!)
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    18 Sep 19, 08:40 PM
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  • I liked your t shirt and AK in the dark
    Our WDW Holiday.Return visit
  • 19 Sep 19, 07:17 AM
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  • Fab day! Loads of great photos. How bizarre putting sugar in a fizzy drink. Shame about the rain but at least it didn't spoil things. The light show in AK looks fab
    2020 postponed, to be replanned!
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