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I guess we're grown ups now? Nah, maybe next week! Oct 2016 Part 1 - Day 6 The dark side is rude


Day 6 - 09.10.16

Weíd planned on getting up early and finding a decent breakfast but we didnít wake up till after 8 so we decided to eat cake for breakfast instead! Couldnít be from anywhere else but Carloís! We got a cannoli, a white chocolate cake, a cookie and a cream puff which came to $22. The cannoli was not as nice as Iíd hoped, very sickly, but the white chocolate cake was to diiiieee fooooor! Oh my days I wish Iíd just got four of those instead! We ate those in the shop and took the cookie and the cream puff away.

Inside was white choc mousse and it was amazing

This morning we were going to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. Walking to it we got a peak at the Mirageís pool area which looked lush! Iíd really love to stay there one day I think!
Once in we wandered around the dolphin area, chatted to some of the trainers and watched a few training sessions. As always I was very impressed by their skills. I never get bored of watching dolphins, I love them! Iíd just love to see them in the wild rather than in captivity.

Next we headed through to the Secret Garden to see the big cats. It was the saddest place Iíve ever seen. The enclosures were so small and the cats looked so sad and we felt so sad for them. We left there pretty quickly cause I couldnít bear to look at them any longer.

We went back to the dolphins and sat down under an umbrella, watched the dolphins and ate our cookie and cream puff. It was another sweltering day today so the shade was lovely!

Bellies topped up we had a look at the underwater viewing area, raided the gift shop for magnets then bobbed into the casino. Ross tried to persuade me to play blackjack but I was still too scared! He had a play though and turned $40 into $100. Drinks on him then!
Donít think weíd ever go back to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. It wasnít the nicest place, the cats looked very sad and bored. Donít think it was worth it even with the BOGOF and Iíd have been miffed if weíd paid full price.

While we decided what to do in the afternoon we wandered back to the hotel to ditch the bags we had and on the way back through the Bellagio I grabbed a magnet from the gift shop and Ross got some playing cards.

It was eventually decided that we would head down the strip to NYNY for the rollercoaster and have a nosey in the MGM and some shops. So back out into heat we went and slowly ambled down to NYNY. We stopped at Shake Shack and got two strawberry shakes for $6 each then sat outside and drank them. Our photobooth pictures from the wedding had just been uploaded to facebook so we made use of the free wifi there and looked through them while we drank out shakes, that was a good laugh! Iíve but the best ones on my write up of our wedding day which you can find in the index if you want to check them out.

The shakes were nice. They tasted a lot like angel delight. I thought that they would have loads of different flavours, so I was a bit disappointed that they just the bog standard ones.

After filling our bellies with dairy we decided to giggle it around a bit on the roller coaster, very sensible folks we are. We had to go to the M-Life desk to get our pass then we went to find the coaster, surprisingly, bypassing all of the casino tables! The queue wasnít very long and we only waited 5 minutes and we were on. It was great fun! Blumminí painful though, my word! Your head gets bashed around a lot and it bumped my back a lot but thatís all part of the fun I guess. It was a good warm up for all the rides in Florida. I didnít buy a magnet in the gift shop though! Regreeeet!

Iíd buy one in the MGM though. First though, Ross wanted to check out Top Golf and see what that was about. It took about half a flippiní hour to get from the front door of MGM to front door of Top Golf. It was a queer trek through MGM and out the back, by the pool area and round the corner to Top Golf. There was a big pool party going on so lots of teenagers in skimpy bikinis and dance music blaring. 10 years ago Ross and I would have been all over that but now we couldnít think of anything worse which shows how old and boring we are now! It was just the thought of the pool being like human soup. Everyone drinking shed loads of horrendously priced drinks so the pool was probably 40% spilt drinks, 40% wee and 20% water. Spew. I know I am so boring!

So after the long walk Ross decided he didnít really fancy playing but wanted a nosey in the gift shop. Itís ok Ross, I guess I needed the exercise... git. He bought an Oakley golf tshirt and some more golf balls which came to $103. So aaaaaall the way back through to MGM, back past the pee party, I mean pool party and to the blackjack tables. We stopped at a MGM Movie gift shop on the way and I got a Big Bang Theory vest for my nephew.

Ross turned $100 into $150 which was great and he had a really friendly dealer which always makes it more fun I think! Itís a lot less tense when you can have a laugh with the dealer.

My magnet obsession lead us to spend about 20 minutes searching for a gift shop. This place is huge! We eventually found one in the main entrance hall where I got my magnet and a Christmas decoration for $15. The shop was opposite the check in desk and the queue for check in was crazy! Youíd have waited less time to get onto 7DMT on Christmas Day. It was a Sunday so I donít know if it was people checking out from a weekend away or people checking in for the week or maybe both but it made me pleased we were in a quiet hotel and didnít have to deal with queues like that.

Not a great pic but there were soooooo many people!

Back out into the daylight, swiftly putting our sunnies on. When youíve been inside a hotel/casino for a while with the aircon and no sunlight you forget how bright and hot it is outside!

We had a nosey in the coca cola shop. Can you guess what we bought? Magnet and golf ball? Obviously! $14 all together.

Cocktaaaails! This time from Rainforest Cafe. Donít have a clue what it was as I didnít write it down but it was yummers and obviously it tastes much better in a souvenir light up glass right? Or is that just me? Ross had boring beer cause heís boring.

Outside we saw Kylo Ren and Darth Vader so we thought weíd better get a snap for Oliver to keep him happy! So I volunteered to pose while Ross took the snaps then I tried to give them $5. Wasnít sure if that was an ok amount having never paid randoms in costumes for pictures before but they said it wasnít enough and they wanted $15 and they were quite rude about it! Mate if you have a price in mind then tell people and collect the money before hand! We only had $20 bills on us and I wasnít giving them that especially cause their attitude stank so we said soz and buggered off leaving them disgruntled but I honestly didnít care. They were so rude. I get that it may be their only job but like I said, arrange prices before the pictures are taken and donít be so rude! Oliver was reet impressed though so it was worth it!

Not worth $15

We nipped back to the hotel to ditch bags, have a little tidy then chilled for a bit before heading out again. We were ruddy starving by now! But before tea I wanted to check out the 8pm Volcano show at the Mirage. We didnít have the best viewing spot as we didnít get there quite early enough but it was still ok. I was very impressed by the volcano, the effects were great we loved it. Not as much as the fountains though, we could watch those all night.

Once the show had finished we decided to try the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. So we wandered through the Forum Shops at Caesarís Palace, following the sweet smell of cheesecake. There was a 25 minute wait for a table so we wandered round the tat shop next door. They had some little licence plates with names on and they actually had one with Arianaís name on! Weíve never seen anything with her name on before and they had Oliverís name too so we got them one each. They cost $8.50.
We had a look at the big fish tank outside CF then we were seated at around 8:45. Ross ordered a Bud Lite and I ordered a Coke then we were left to peruse the bloody massive menu. Seriously that thing is huge. Iím a huge pasta fan and hadnít had any in ages so I opted for the four cheese pasta and Ross had 8 chicken wings to start and the sausage and shrimp pasta for main, which surprised me cause he never usually opts for pasta if thereís burgers and meats on offer! I think he regretted it a bit. Mine was yummy though, you canít go wrong with cheese and pasta!

We paid the $73 bill including tip and left... without going to the cheesecake counter! We were all the way back through the shops and outside before we realised weíd forgotten. Idiots! Couldnít be bothered to go back so we went to the takeout window at Serendipity 3 to get another cookie dough dessert but they didnít do those to takeout and we didnít fancy anything else on the menu so we left it.
On the way back to the hotel we watched the fountains then Ross stopped off at the bakery in the Bellagio to get a milkshake which was an eye watering $9 but he enjoyed it so weíll let him off.
We were straight to sleep as we were up early in the morning for our Scoot City Tour.

Wing count: 37
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great day

wow the prices of food is steep!
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