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Unread 26 Jun 17, 01:30 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 3. Epcot & Olive Garden

Had a great sleep and only woke 15 minutes before the alarm. When we opened the connecting door even Kieran was still asleep. We left the door open as we started to get ready and this was enough to rouse both the kids.

After a quick hotel room breakfast of jam bagels (give us a coolbag and we are invincible!). we headed out of the room and got the bags into the car to head for Epcot.

Arrived at 8:50 and parked in imagine 59 so an easy walk to the doors.

Bag check done and in we went on opening at 9:00. It was mobbed.

We had a FP for Frozen later and given the tiering system, this meant we had a to queue for both the new Soarin and Test Track so we aimed to do these first. We headed straight for soarin. We arrived and it said a 10m wait but we walked straight on. I LOVED this! I always love the simulator type rides and thought the new smells were really prominent. Kieran loved it too, saying hello and waving to the polar bears! He was clapping like a wee seal and cheering when it got to the Epcot fireworks. He did say 'The Eiffel Tower is bent!' When it got to that part and he was right of course. We were sitting to the far right. I assume if you are in the middle section the screen would be more straight. This did not affect my enjoyment at all – I loved it. I would have gone on straight away but my adrenaline junkies were Test Track Bound.

We arrived at TT at 9:30 and it said 45m stand by but we decided to wait as it would only get longer. After 18mins they announced they were experiencing technical difficulties and the wait time would be longer than indicated. Another 10 minutes later and they announced it was closed and to turn around an exit the line. Raging! We came out, walked over to Mouse Gear to pick up a park map and decide what we wanted to do. Hannah really wanted to do Spaceship Earth so with this showing a 25m wait we headed there.

I have been on this twice before and fell asleep both times. This time I was on with Hannah so her jibber jabber kept me awake and I actually quite enjoyed it. For the photo she asked me to do a Pouty McPouty with her. So we did. Then I must have had photo red eye because when it came out I had one eye burnt into big hole which Hannah thought was so hilarious she could hardly breath. I look like something from the terminator movies!

We then walked round for our first FP – Journey into imagination with Figment. Only because we had never done this and, well, you have to book something once you have used that top tier don't you. This was ok – It made Kieran howl with laughter so that was fine by me. They both also enjoyed the interactive bit at the end. By now the kids were hungry so we stopped on a bench for our coolbag lunch. Chicken salad for me, turkey sandwiches, cereal bars and drinks for the others. The we were off again to our FP for Turtle Talk as it was now 11:45.

This was great as usual. Even if I did not have kids of my own I would still come into this. Amazes me how they make it look so natural and Crush is always hilarious. We left this at 12:20 and Kieran wanted to 'do the shell ride' so we did indeed queue for the memo ride which showed a 25m wait but were on and off in 15.

Now it was time for my favourite bit. Round the world showcase. Last year I was really enjoying this when everyone else was moaning about the heat. I was determined to enjoy it this year so the kids were well warned not to complain. Well, I do enough roller coasters for them! That relief they get when they walk into the aircon, is the same relief I get when I walk back out into the heat, Fairs fair.

First stop Mexico ,where I got myself a strawberry margarita. Yum!

We then went inside and Kevin and the kids did the wee boat ride while I wandered around the stalls with my drink enjoying the live music and browsing the stalls. They came off and said it was a bit like small world. The kids then spent 5 mins colouring in the free cardboard fans to help cool them around the rest of the countries.

By this time our FP for Frozen was open next door in Norway. The stand by time was 90 mins. Eek!

I had been looking forward to this and did like it. Kieran loved it too. I suspect Hannah did too but of course it would be very uncool to say so.

We moved on into China and went inside to watch the 360 degree film. Hannah would love to visit China and the Great Wall so this held her interest more than it did Kieran. We actually had a bit of a giggle here about something that happened the other night. We were all chatting Kieran had said 'That Donald Trumps mad. Do you know he has built a wall right through China? The Nutter'. Err no son, that's not quite how it went. And so started a current affairs lesson.

Next stop was Germany. I took the kids into Karamell Kuche to pick a treat

And despite the array of unusual Caramel treats

One chose popcorn and the other chose a Krispy Mickey.

I chose the most delicious Caramel Pecan Tart. It. Was. Delicious. If we are back in Epcot I will getting another!

Prices here

Next up was Italy

Then onto America, where we popped in and watched the singers for a while ( I took a video here instead of a pic so it wont let me post it)

And on the way back out we picked up a Funnel Cake for the kids to share.

Then onto France, and an Orange Grey Goose Slushie for me. Soooo nice that by the time I had finished it in the UK I was tempted to walk back for another.

There was a rock band playing in the wee square in the UK and we sat and watched the last few songs of their set. They were very good, and I wished we had caught their whole set. What an atmosphere sitting in the sun with a drink in hand listening to them. Just fab. The kids of course were melting, and kept going to the rest rooms just because they had aircon!

We skimmed past the rest of the countries and stepped into the history of Pixar film as I knew that would be cool and we had not seen it before. This was quite cute and again Kieran loved it. It certainly cooled them down after they had tolerated the world showcase for me. After this we headed for Club Cool for some tastes of different drinks. Hannah's favourite is from Africa apparently. Don't know the name.

We headed back out to the car having had enough for one day. Our only downside had been missing Test Track and given it was now a 100m queue we were not waiting! Maybe come back another day.

We drove out to the Olive Garden at rolling oaks for dinner. We had hoped for the buy one take one home offer that Redrach wrote about but that is finished now.

Kieran had Pizza from the kids menu with grapes as a side.

Kevin had Chicken Shrimp Pasta. Which of course came with endless salad and bread sticks

Hannah had Chicken & Shrimp carbonara, without the shrimp. Which came with endless chicken and Gnocchi soup (which I ate) and breadsticks.

I had a glass of red, Kevin and Hannah had Diet Coke and Kieran had raspberry lemonade.

Everyone was stuffed with no room for dessert so the very reasonable bill is here. Our server was great and we tipped the 20%.

So this has probably been my favourite day yet.

And now that we are home, we are in our current favourite place. Playing around that lovely hot pool with the kids, and having a beer and glass of wine. Happy Days

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 26 Jun 17, 01:48 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 26 Jun 17 1:48 AM.
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Unread 26 Jun 17, 04:14 AM  
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What a shame about Test Track going techno but othewise a fab day!

Index of my trip reports
2016 Quebec - Kuala Lumpar - New York City 2017 Dubai - Eurocamps France - Ontario and Quebec - So-Cal 2018 Montreal - Bangkok - New England 2019 Argentina - Quebec City
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Visiting my boy in Hong Kong:
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Unread 26 Jun 17, 07:22 AM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
Hotel Reviews: 2
Lovely day again Helen , shame about test track though but hopefully you might fit it in another time ... I loved Epcot , world showcase I think is better than the main park itself. Bargain dinner at Olive Garden 😀👍, have a great day today xx
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Need something to look forward
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Unread 26 Jun 17, 07:33 AM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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Shame about Test Track but otherwise a great day and the food looks good in Olive Garden
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Endless Summer and RPR
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Unread 26 Jun 17, 07:51 AM  
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Fab day, I really liked the new soaring too. Always very hot walking around world showcase, you did well not to have moaning children! Olive garden looks yummy, never been but on the list for our next visit x
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New York and Treasure Island... soo excited!
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Unread 26 Jun 17, 08:10 AM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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Another fab day. Its FP day for us and having to choose from Tier 1! Your dinner looked delicious. Enjoy whatever you do today. Oh and Hannah we need more McPouty today please!
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Port Orleans Riverside
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Unread 26 Jun 17, 08:38 AM  
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Lovely Epcot day, fab photo with Olaf 💙 Can't beat a wander round the world showcase xx
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Miami Islamorada Key West, Marco Island
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