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Unread 8 Jul 18, 02:35 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 20, Disney Hotels, Meeting A Dibber & Millers Ale House

Woke up at 7:30 and was out by the pool with my coffee shortly after. When Kevin came out he spotted an armadillo that had just come out of the bushes. I snapped a quick pic on my phone through the pool mesh. It's a bit rubbish but we had no time to grab the SLR but he had gone back into the bushes

All ready, left at 10:30 and popped down the US27 to get the protection spray for my boots that they said they would set aside for me when it came in.

Drove back along the I4 east to Magic Kingdom. Felt really strange going through the arches and paying for parking knowing we wouldn't be visiting a park!

I know we could have started at Disney springs and used the buses but I was trying not to waste too much time as we had shoehorned this day in having patched it twice. We had already decided to cut out the Wilderness Lodge and just do the 3 hotels around seven seas lagoon.

parked in rapunzel 228 and boarded the tram to TTC

When I looked at Kieran he was all smiles and said ^I love Disney^. I said ^you know we're not going into a park right? Just the hotels.^ And he said yes but that he was excited even to see the castle. Oh man I felt so bad! Looking at me with those big brown eyes, all excited bless him.

Off the tram and through security, we decided to do a loop on the Epcot monorail. Just because we've seen it above us so many times when in the park.

It was pretty cool going over the park that way and Kieran loved it.

back to TTC on our round trip, off and onto the resort monorail.

We rode it right past the Polynesian

Past the Grand Floridian

Past Magic Kingdom

And got off at the Contemporary

we had a look around in here at the shops

we have been to chef Mickeys before in 2015 when we came with the Easton's

We had a look at the viewing platform I had considered when searching for somewhere to watch the fireworks from without park tickets and agreed that it would indeed have been an option.

then out onto the boat dock where I wanted to hire a sun tracker boat. I hadn't told Kevin about this as I knew he wouldn't want to pay the money for it. He doesn't bat an eyelid when I spend $500 on cowboy boots n jeans, but he has a kind of mental block about paying to DO something!

I took his driving licence, told him we were doing it and that was that. He screwed his face up, shook his head and rolled his eyes. I knew he would like it once he did it. He's always the same.

We had to wait 15mins as they had 2 sun Tracker pontoon boats and they were both out. Completed the paperwork.

We were shown on the map where we could and couldn't go

Then we're taken down the walkway to our boat.

the guy gave Kevin all the instructions he needed and away we went.

It was great fun! We went right round discovery island, and could see River Country, the old water park lying abandoned.

Then round into the seven seas lagoon and round each of the hotels. Folk were waving to us from the hot tub of one of the Polynesian fancy rooms. Maybe one day eh?!

When we pulled back in Kevin turns with a smile and says ^that was pretty good eh?^. I knew it!

$45 for the boat, regardless of number of people and it seats up to 10. They then charge per additional 5 minutes up to $90 for the full 60mins so they clock the time you go out then the time you get back and charge for exactly how long you had.

We stopped at the Sand Bar next to the Contemporary swimming pool and ordered a portion of chilli cheese nachos and a portion of fries to share

While we were sitting there the sky darkened and the rain came down in sheets! Hannah grabbed the tray and we ran under shelter. Hannah and Kieran finished eating while standing there.

Made a run for it to back inside the contemporary and we got the Monorail to the Polynesian. Had a look around in here and went to Trader Sams only to find it closed as it opens at 4pm. Pity - I had been looking forward to a cocktail!

I had planned to walk from here to the Grand Floridian but the rain was still lashing down so it was back into the monorail to GF.

Wow! What a lobby! We had a look in basin white trying all the nice soaps and scrubs by the sinks.

while we were watching the band came out to play and Cinderella and Prince Charming came out for a dance

then they danced with the wee kids - too cute 😍

We had a good look around then, as the sun was splitting again, we left by walking outside by the pool then along the walkway by the beach back to the Polynesian.

It's only a 5 minute walk, if that. And when we reached the Polynesian guess what was open? Trader Sams!

And the kids wanted sprites

So we stopped here for a drink and listened to the singer for a while.

Back into the monorail and round the whole circuit again til we reached the TTC to get the car again.

We stopped at the Vineland outlets in the way back and I picked up a polo top and jumper.

and Hannah got 4 t-shirts

decent prices as they were in the sale then Kevin had the further 30% off code thanks to toonarmani's thread.

It was time for food and Hannah really fancied the zinger mountain melt her dad had back in our first night, so it was Millers Ale House we needed. Put it into waze and headed to the one on the 192 as it was on the way home.

As we were driving there the heavens opened and once parked we had to make a run for it. Being a Saturday night it was quite busy so 25mins wait for a table or see if we could find one outside

As we passed through a lady waved at me and said excuse me. When I leant over she told me she read my trip reports! This was Angela and her family (Yellowrose78 on the dibb). We had a good chat and they let me take a photo to put with their mention 😃. Pity we hadn't met sooner as I could easily have pictured us going for a drink! Lovely to meet you Angela.

When I went back outside Kevin had found a table there. Thank god as I don't think I could have stood the aircon inside. I was in my North face fleece and I was still a wee bit chilly sitting outside.

I ordered the $10.50 pitcher of watermelon marguarita

Kieran ordered Jambalaya - oh he loved this and totally scoffed it

Kevin and Hannah both had zinger mountain melts

and I had the salmon

Everybody was too stuffed for dessert but they had to wait a bit for me to finish my pitcher.

Kevin popped into publix for beer then we were off back along the road to the villa. It's still raining now as I upload this so not sure whether we will brave the spa or just watch a film for the rest of the night yet.

Night all x

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 8 Jul 18, 03:29 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 8 Jul 18 3:29 AM.
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Unread 8 Jul 18, 05:46 AM  
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What a fantastic way to spend the day.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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Unread 8 Jul 18, 07:01 AM  
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Another great day. Ive not been Disney for 10 years and resort hopping looks interesting, might slot it into my plans for November. Going to miss reading your report every morning, I have truly enjoyed reading them & have got some great ideas of things to add to my to do list 😎
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Yiphee! we are going again
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Unread 8 Jul 18, 07:04 AM  
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Glad you managed to fit in your resort day
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Halloween Thanksgiving pre Christmas
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Unread 8 Jul 18, 07:11 AM  
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Fab day. Looks great fun.

Which was your favourite resort?
2007 & 2008 DLP hotel New York
Easter 2017 - BC, HRH & villa
2018 DLP Newport bay
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Newport bay -dlp
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Unread 8 Jul 18, 07:29 AM  
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What a lovely day and a nice way to spend some time at Disney if not doing the parks
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60th Birthday trip
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Unread 8 Jul 18, 07:57 AM  
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Nicki G
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Sounds like lovely day, never done resort hopping but wouldnt mind doing now

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Beach then Disney
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