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Unread 18 Aug 16, 12:10 AM  
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Beaching It With The Poole's Day 4 Part 1 August 2016 LIVE

Who needs a sat nav?

Day 4 started for us at 5.45am after another pretty good nights sleep, I woke up a couple of times to see lightning, even in the early hours but by the time the sun had come up most of the cloud had cleared.

Daddy got up at 6.30am as our plan was to go out early to Walmart, just Grace, Daddy and me so that Nanny and Grandad could have some time out on their own. Grace had some toast for breakfast and I had some with a banana. Daddy just had a banana!

We were in the car at 6.55 and only had to plug the sat nav in for one road check, so we are getting better 😀
We pulled in to a practically empty car park and started the health and beauty end so we could get he fresh stuff the other end. We started off with some toiletries and sun cream and Grace chose some very nice nail varnish I have to say ...

We made our way up to the food end and got some boring things like water... and wine ha ha. We also got loads more fruit, we are a healthy lot you know and are going through loads of the stuff. I found the papaya today as well
We made our way through to the checkouts and Daddy had to help the kind lady read the bar code on the nail varnish, she handed it to me but I had no chance without my glasses so the young one had to do it

We were back in the car by 8.40am and on our way home, we found Nanny and Grandad walking along our road out for a wander...we left them to it and unpacked the shopping and started to chop some veg to do some roasted vegetables for a couscous salad later in the day. Nanny and Grandad arrived back about 20 minutes later absolutely dripping wet lol.

We were in the kitchen a little while as we also froze some BBQ meat we had got. Daddy and I decided to go for a bike ride round the block when we were done. Grace was in the pool with Nanny so as you can see from our picture we put on our shades as were off. The bikes were provided in the villa and it was lovely to cycle along and look at all the lovely houses as we passed by.

It was hot though and it was difficult to breathe through the heat, but we did enjoy it, and we were also dripping wet when we arrived back. We have decided to do twice round again tomorrow then 3 times on Friday...we must be mad!

I have just put Grace to bed so I will finish this later...going out for a glass of wine and to watch the sunset...

We were in the pool after all our exercise by 11am, Grace had already been splashing around for a while. It is so different this year to last with Grace in the water, she is not confident in the water and it has taken just over a year of a few crash courses to get her to do her 5 metres but now she is a different child.
It makes us all very happy to see her swimming about, today we made the rule that she had to come out and keep having rests and drinking as she was so exhausted the day before. She did this with no problem and at one point finished her chicken tenders from Longhorns too!

We had some lunch which today was burgers on the barbie, I made a green salad and our roasted vegetable couscous, all very delicious and nice and fresh. We had some more fresh fruit for dessert with some cool whip. I had seen this in Wizzo's trip reports so thought now was the time to try some, OMG, yummy! Everyone loved it so a big tub of that will on the shopping list for next time.

We had showers and got ready and were in the car for 3.30pm. It was off to the mall again so we could try on the dresses we had seen yesterday for our wedding outfits. We parked up in the same place and walked through too the other side of the mall and went to Macy's first. Nanny and I picked up a few to try and left the others outside the changing room waiting to approve each outfit. I tried on about 6 dresses and to be honest I really liked them all! The one I had seen yesterday was really lovely on and is "the one" I can't believe I have got the first dress I saw! It is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for the occasion. the same happened for Nanny she tried on 3 dresses and got 2! Grandad did really well and said he liked both so why don't you get both? Great idea

I will post the pictures later for you to see them

We went to the jewellery counter to get our tourist discount card which gave us our 10% off for our trip so the dress was $100. I like the idea that I should be pretty safe when I get to the wedding and no one else will have the same dress on!...I have ruined it now haven't I lol

Grandad and Daddy went round to the Levis next and they both got a pair $38 a pair...what a bargain, the lucky Devils. Daddy was absolutely over the moon with his as he has been looking for a decent pair for ages at a good price so he couldn't say no really.

We went to Starbucks for a coffee after all this shopping. Now if you remember back to our arrival at the airport and they messed our drinks up, today wasn't much better either! We had the same 2 skinny cappuccino, 1 full fat and a decaf...we eventually got all the above and an extra decaf? Hopefully it will be third time lucky as so far we are not impressed.
I popped over to Auntie Annie's and got 1 plain and 1 cinnamon pretzel which went down a treat.
After this we popped in to JCPenneys. I wanted to look at the jeans and did try on a nice pair of Levi's too but they were not quite right so I held off.

We decided to call it a day as it was 6.45 so went back to the car. Grace had been in this massive buggy we have hired, mainly so can walk along the beaches and go further than we would if she was walking. We couldn't work out how to collapse it so had Googled it and realised how easy it was! It was however on the way to the mall been banging on the back window so we stopped in the blazing heat to sort it out. Now as we were putting it back in the car Grandad had had a go at collapsing it and it wasn't having any of it. The only way we could get it done was for Daddy to take over and start from the beginning by putting it up and starting again...we got there in the end!

We completed the short 20 minutes journey, there and back with no sat nav needed...we must be proper locals now, I was very chuffed with myself

Grace had some toast and fruit when we got in and I put her to bed at about 7.45pm. We went out again then and sat by the pool with a glass of wine and snacks...Grandad had begged me not to buy peanuts and I am like no way I only eat nuts when on holiday. He actually took them out of the cupboard and put them in our room yesterday because he keeps eating them. I told him that he cannot moan about the peanuts and then drink 4 beers ?
Anyway the peanuts are nearly gone and are on the shopping list!

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Trip 25... What will happen this time?
Unread 18 Aug 16, 12:18 AM  
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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 18 Aug 16 12:18 AM.
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Unread 18 Aug 16, 10:23 AM  
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Sounds like blissful relaxation, even with a bike ride thrown in.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Unread 18 Aug 16, 05:39 PM  
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Another great relaxing day can't beat them

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Unread 18 Aug 16, 10:06 PM  
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Looking forward to dress pics x
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halloween horror nights 30th anni
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